Konami Warns Users that Metal Gear Survive is Not a Dating Service

PSLS: "In Metal Gear Solid, Otacon asks Solid Snake if he believes that “love can bloom even on a battlefield?” Well, that’s apparently not the case in Metal Gear Survive, as the end-user license agreement that players have to agree to boot the game strictly forbids it."

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PhantomS422345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

And what exactly is Konami going to do about it...ban the only two people who actually buy and willingly play this game?

Relientk772345d ago

In about a year we're gonna see a story about a couple who was recently married and they first met on Metal Gear Survive.

Elimin82345d ago

Or How they Survived Metal Gear?

indysurfn2344d ago

And then they turned the servers off two years later and the couple got divorced happily ever after! Then end

chris2352345d ago

that comment made my day :P

aConIsDemocracy2345d ago

Well thats my pre-order canceled. I was hoping to find a woman.

aConIsDemocracy2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Ha Ha. :)

Elimin82345d ago

Thanks man. I'm just glad that as shitty as I feel it ain't the flu.

indysurfn2344d ago

haha someone gets it....You know how they said if you get viagra you should call your doctor if it lasts for over 4 hours? That was the marketing catch for Viagra and it worked.... Well this is marketing too it is trying get people interested without any of the responsibility of running a dating SIM.....pun intended.

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Elimin82345d ago

LMAO..... You guys are a trip. I needed that laugh man. I'm down with cold right now.

sprinterboy2345d ago

Genuinely psml, thx made my evening that, proper made me chuckle .