PlayStation Plus Specials Sale on PlayStation Store - Ends 2/27

Sony's PlayStation Plus Specials Sale is now live on the NA PlayStation Store. Up to 50% off, sale ends 2/27 8AM PT.

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Xenophon_York242d ago

Probably won't be another virtual reality game sale like this till next holiday season.

242d ago
Christopher242d ago

Yeah, this seems like it's aimed at getting people out to buy the recently reduced $199 PSVR pack. Not much else there of note.

ThatArtGuy242d ago

YOU don't care about VR games. You don't speak for everyone.

TheRealHeisenberg242d ago

I'll give PSVR a chance when I can get it brand new for $1.

InTheZoneAC242d ago

You don't speak for everyone that cares either.

NecrumOddBoy242d ago

PSVR is awesome and I scooped up PS VR Worlds for 6 bucks. Prepping the short story before Blood and Truth drops, also MOSS comes out next week!

Profchaos242d ago

Love my psvr don't knock it until you try it

synistatha1241d ago

U are a disgrace to the Heisenberg name

TheRealHeisenberg241d ago

The fake Heisenbergs are the disgracements to the name since they support PSVR. I on the other hand hold myself to higher standards.

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DarXyde242d ago

Given the recent price drop on PSVR (unless it was a sale, I honestly don't know) it would appear that Sony is making an aggressive push for VR with this sale.

I was hoping to see some Vita RPG sales.

InTheZoneAC242d ago

a new model came out, so the old one's were discounted

Quetzll242d ago

And in the time it took you to tell us all how unsure you are, you could've made sure. Internet 101

DarXyde242d ago

If it isn't apparent, I don't care enough. That information neither supports nor debunks the case I'm making that Sony is making an aggressive VR push.

But sure, if you're validated by me saying that's a good point, that's a good point.

Profchaos242d ago

Have you actually played it and tried various titles?

ibrake4naps242d ago

the most awesome change in gaming in the last decade imo

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