1UP: Dead Space Review

It's clear that Dead Space wants to be scary. It has the right trappings, from the lost-on-a-spaceship concept to the limited health and ammo pickups, the audio and video logs you find (which feature allies screaming at you), and the blood-splattered environments and occasional disgusting enemies. But it seems like -- in a few too many cases -- the designers chose to hold you by the hand and make something look cool instead of making it look scary. When you're upgrading your suit (which itself makes you look more like a game's boss than an everyman), using Stasis to freeze enemies, picking up explosive canisters with the equivalent of a gravity gun, and purchasing weapons that dissect enemies in different ways, you don't exactly feel vulnerable. Mix in more than enough checkpoints and the ability to draw a line in front of you telling you where to go (with the touch of a button) and it's easy to settle in and let the training wheels take care of you.

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Killjoy30003655d ago

This game has so much potential as a franchise.

-GametimeUK-3655d ago

This game has just appeared on my radar... Interesting

Killjoy30003655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

This is second place on my post holiday season radar. First is KZ2.

himdeel3655d ago

...not because I don't want to buy it but because there are too many other games to buy this month :( I'm pleased to know the game last 10-12 hours. I could run through it this week in the evenings on one rental fee. I can also purchase the game later (bargain bins, Ebay) if I wanted to experience some of the replay value the game offers.

HairyBrownSack3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )


talk about delusional

p.s. and that guy with the WRONG grades below, that johan dude, is a MORON. LMFAO.

FAIL school, much? so now a 50 is a C? is that what your mommy told you?

sorry to break it to you, but that's an F- . you really DIDN'T pass kindergarten! :(

Killjoy30003655d ago

You're a f*cking dipshit. I said post holiday season. Meaning, after the holidays which clearly leads into next year.

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SwiftArsonist3655d ago

this is another good review of the game, so im gonna check it out since everybody is talking good stuff bout them.

TheColbertinator3655d ago

The "B+" is about an 8 I believe.Good score and I bet this game will sell just fine

JonahFalcon3655d ago

Letter Grades
Their Grade Converts To
A or A+ 100
A- 91
B+ 83
B 75
B- 67
C+ 58
C 50
C- 42
D+ 33
D 25
D- 16
F+ 8
F or F- 0

TheColbertinator3655d ago

Oh well I was close anyways.

By the way the Eurogamer review came in :7/10

Its officialy official:Eurogamer is sh!t

Altis13655d ago

What school did you go to?

Letter grades translate to this:
A+ to A- = 100-90
B+ to B- = 89-80
C+ to C- = 79-70
D+ to D- = 69-60
F+ to F- = 59-0

PimpHandStrong3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

not sure i will buy this game but i might

i want a good survial horror game because Sirens controls piss me off

ADD ON: Yea falcon i hear ya

Fallout PS3...must own
LBP PS3...must own
Socom PS3...must own
Dead Space PS3
Saints Row PS3
R2 PS3...must own

atleast R2 is still a month away

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