GT: Home (PSN) TGS 08: Virtual Booth Tour

Check out the Sony booth recreated in Home at the company's press conference.

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shadowghost7523749d ago

Looks nice, it seems to be coming along nicely

Killjoy30003749d ago

TGS looked sweet through Home.

Sevir043749d ago

Next GDC and E3 and playstation media summit event and TGS will all have
a Home space... and even 3rd party devs like square could give access to there jump festa mega show in home, though i think 3rd parties would charge just a small fee for entry. It will be cool to actually visit TGS from the comfort of your home or anyother huge media summit from 3rd party and Sony on a whole, and the Home software launches after firmware 2.5 before the calender year 2008 ends. i cant wait