Homebrew Launcher for Nintendo Switch released for firmware 3.0.0

Homebrew Launcher for Nintendo Switch has been finally released.However, currently, only those who have firmware version 3.0.0 on their Nintendo Switch, can install the Homebrew Launcher for Nintendo Switch. Others can update their firmware to 3.0.0 if they want.

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wonderfulmonkeyman291d ago (Edited 291d ago )

I hope someone puts a virus inside the data of one of the bootlegs so that it melts the coding inside of your Switch, making it literally unusable.
It would serve you right for stealing games.

Kaiou291d ago

Wow that was too fast , Nintendo must be shitting themselves, literally.

Neonridr290d ago

doubt it. The 3DS was hacked pretty easily too. Didn't stop them from continuing to be successful.

Kaiou290d ago

The 3DS took much longer to get hacked , also it killed and deleted the PSP at least in the west.

stefd75291d ago

Shame I'm on lastest firmware :(

wonderfulmonkeyman291d ago

Nintendo put out a bounty on exploits a while back, and to my knowledge that's still in effect.
If someone makes a homebrew for the latest firmware, then whoever hunts that exploit/loophole down and sends it in to Nintendo could make a tidy sum from it.

vergilxx3291d ago

And that saved 3ds from piracy.
oh wait....

Segata291d ago

3DS asks you to update. Switch doesn't.

DarkHeroZX290d ago

Lmao with luma 3ds updater, it always patches itself to make sure custom firmware is compatible with the latest update. Nintendo's security is just trash.

wonderfulmonkeyman290d ago

And that matters to you, how?
Oh wait...

The point is that someone could make some quick cash while also making lives harder for bootlegging scumbags.
That's a win-win whether it completely stops piracy or not.

vergilxx3290d ago

There is no such thing as stopping piracy it will always happen no matter what

Neonridr290d ago

didn't stop the 3DS from selling, this won't stop the Switch from selling.

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