Top 5 Worst Colossi in Shadow of the Colossus

VGChartz's Craig Snow: "With the third, and likely final, release of Shadow of the Colossus now in the bag - this time beautifully remade on the PlayStation 4 - what better time to wave lyrical on one of my favourite games of all time? The stars of the game are the 16 colossi and almost every fan has a favourite (and perhaps a least favourite too).

I'm no exception and after completing the PlayStation 4 version of the game several times since launch my views on the best and worst colossi have changed slightly and then been solidified. Thus this two-part article - one for the top 5 colossi and one for the worst 5. Up first are my least favourite."

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PhoenixUp335d ago

I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony somehow found a way to rerelease this on PS5

AspiringProGenji334d ago

I hope so. I can’t get enough of SotC. I’ll be there to buy it every generation

PhoenixUp334d ago

It’s that kind of timeless game that always finds its ways into people’s minds and hearts

Master of Unlocking334d ago

If they deliberately deprive the PS5 of BC with PS4 games, they're dead. D.E.A.D.

UnHoly_One334d ago

I'm sure die hards will attack me for this, but since when do the colossi have names? Where did the names come from? They are never named in the game to my knowledge, and I've bought this game 3 times now. lol

Nebaku334d ago

Pretty sure their names are simply the codenames the development team called them while making the game. Fans have gradually learned them through reading about the game's development.

AspiringProGenji334d ago

They have always had names. As for what the colossi are, there are a lot of cool theories about them:

Some say they represent humans that succumbed to the dark magic in the past after failing their purpose.

Another cool theory is that all the colossi were once one entiry that got separated to avoid chaos;I believe they were of Dormim at some point This might explain why you absorb every colossi you kill, and why warden becomes more corrupted the more you kill. And especially, this might explain what happens to warden in the ending

SuperSonic91334d ago

Its Wander my friend Wander not warden.
Good tid bit though. Thanks
From what you said I believe Ueda-san tried to integrate many gameplay ideas and meanings together into one simplified colossus.
That is why a single element of this game is layered with so much meaning.

Nebaku334d ago

I didn't DISLIKE any of them, but I'll say that the collosi who were where slightly similar to a prior one I enjoyed less. For instance the second "little" collosi, or the second collosi you fight in the water.

Kran334d ago

The worst is the 15th.

You've got to run to the side, make sure he stomps his foot on the correct spot so the ground can lift, then you climb up, then you have to wait for him to hit the area you're in so platforms fall from the ceiling, THEN climb up those, THEN go to a bridge, WAIT FOR HIM TO HIT THOSE and then you eventually jump on him. If you fall off, YOU DO THIS ALMOST ALL OVER AGAIN.

And then you succeed in destroying the head insignia. So now you've got to get the hand. You hit the back of the arm, he drops his weapon. You've then got to get into the RIGHT SPOT so he stops moving and hits you with his hand. Sometimes at which point he will lift his hand before you've even had a chance to jump on it.


In hard mode.... its worse. Way worse.