Sony Bans PSN Account Due To Username Violation 8 Years After It Was Created

Sony has been rather strict with the username violations that can occur on their PlayStation Network service however things can change pretty quickly so it is possible that an account name that was possible on the PS3 is outright banned on the PS4.

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PhoenixUp337d ago

Ain’t that a bitch

Just enable name changes then Sony

blackblades337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Hell yeah, I would of blamed sony they should of banned it long time ago before he got all of that of what he has now.

SolidGamerX336d ago

Close to 70 million PSN accounts, its hard to check all those. Typically these things fly under the radar until they get reported.

InTheZoneAC336d ago

Let's blame everyone else because we can't accept our own actions and responsibilities.

No one's arguing they should've banned earlier, but he had it coming KNOWING he shouldn't have made it.

UnHoly_One336d ago

"would HAVE" not "would OF"

God this drives me nuts.

kreate336d ago

Wonder who reported him. Probably a cod player got owned by this madafaka guy.

FITgamer336d ago

A friend of mine had his PSN ID (SumSikFuk) banned last year after 9 years. Needless to say he was livid.

joab777336d ago

Yeah. I'd be done with Sony forever if they pulled this $h!/ with me. No recourse for an ID that was created 8 yrs ago?

This is absolutely insanity now.

IamTylerDurden1336d ago

He picked a questionable name, someone likely never reported it until recently. There is no conspiracy, he should've picked an appropriate name.

letsa_go336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

@UnHoly_One hahahah Same here! "Would of" is never correct, in any instance. It would be best to just erase that from your brain, @blackblades. It is either "would have" or "would've".

roadkillers336d ago

This is definitely Sony's fault for not allowing Name changes. Of course Sony won't care because it is just one person. If Sony were not on top of the mountain right now, their policies would change.

1. Name Changes
2. Cross-platform play
3. Decline in good PS+ games (They're promising something good, but has not been as great since PS3)

GrubsterBeater336d ago (Edited 336d ago )


"This is definitely Sony's fault for not allowing Name changes."

As much as I agree that Sony should have a "name changes" feature allowed (which I believe is coming VERY soon), to sit here and say it's Sony's fault is another example of how the millennial generation (not all, but most) fails to take any sort of accountability or responsibility for their actions.

It was the user's fault for making a name like that. Sony didn't force this individual with a gun to his head telling him to create the name. It was HIS fault, not Sony's...

I agree that it sucks by the way. I just don't understand why everything is always everybody else's fault instead of their own.

ifistbrowni336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Wow. WTH. I could've been N4G famous. I could've been the source of this article like 5 years ago.

I had the name: i_fist_brown_i since the early days of ps3. I had about 40 platinums with a 90%+ completion rating.

Bought a ps4 day 1, excitedly played Killzone, Assassins creed IV and Call of Duty online on the night of launch. Played most of the day the next day finishing the extinction trophies (or close to it) in COD:Ghosts (think that's what their "zombies mode was). IT was a total grind. Got on the next day, and couldn't log in TWO days of owning a ps4... I assumed it was psn issues, but my friends assured me that it wasnt.

I called Sony, and the guy informed me I was banned and the only thing they could do is give me a new account with my previous purchases transferred (so i could keep my TLOU, Bf4 and GTA V digital purchase, etc - mind you, the games were still kind of new at this point). So I sorta got a name change, but I didn't keep any of my trophies AND all the games I had 100% (or any trophies in) were permanently stuck at 0%.

As a trophy whore (at the time), this was unacceptable so I created a new account.

Point is, I had the account for many of years before it was banned. To honestly date the "i_fist_brown_i" name, it was made early during MW2, back when everybody's name was I-dreamz_i or xsnipersX. The Sony rep on the phone was sympathetic and also said he didn't understand how it was offensive until I explained it to him. I - fist - brown - i (I) person, fist (sex act) brown eye (butthole).

Ever since the ban, and how painful and annoying it was to figure out and get it sorted, I report ALLLLLLL names that are even a little offensive. Especially in rocket league (disable cross platform). That game's chat in ranked is so toxic and is often the source of terribly "offensive" names. Or in Ultimate team if people have money teams (or "time consuming, working the market" teams). I was heavy into NHL 14 and had money invested. I did not receive a refund nor did I have my team. Being perma-banned and online ranks completely reset is total trash.

DangerousDAN335d ago

Would've* Should've* How do people keep getting this wrong? You all went to schools, man!

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Sam Fisher336d ago

Lmfao his name was kingMADAFAKA lmfao, i read it just like that.... genius lmao

The Wood336d ago

Lol. . . .

Sony need to hurry up with the name change. . It's taken way too long to make it happen. It's easier to change my name in real life than on psn. . . Lol

NotoriousWhiz336d ago

What's wrong with King Matter Fact uh?

Christopher336d ago

Screw enabling name changes, just enable an admin on your end to change names so a person doesn't lose their whole account. Randomize it somehow, send an e-mail to the user with the notification of the change, don't just strip them of 8 years of games and content.

Kavorklestein336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Supposedly people say he should be able to take his games with him to a new account.

rainslacker336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Often times that's what they do when you contact customer service.

From what I've been told it can take a few days to a week.

Happened to a friend of mine and they just changed his name and lifter the restriction

336d ago
IamTylerDurden1336d ago

Or just pick a suitable name from the beginning..

monkey602336d ago

It's not always created with ill intent.
Last year a friend of mine got banned and lost everything because his OWN ID for a number of years was IsisAgent. It was not relevant at the time to the world issues now he was just a huge Archer fan

MMOBytes336d ago

An account ID that is permanent., and a temp psn name that can be changed at will. Once renamed the old is up for grabs.

combatcash336d ago

I don't understand how people are so cool about this shit. MS would just have you change your username shit is ridiculous.

PrinceVegeta335d ago

It must be a big hassle to implement the name change option. And they rather not mess with a working thing.

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Mr_Writer85336d ago

From who?

The gamer lmao, he agreed to Sony's T&C, he wouldn't have a leg to stand on.

It's his own fault, he should of picked a name that couldn't be interpreted as offensive.

WilliamSheridan336d ago

Their inability to act swiftly and prevent this person from losing possibly thousands of dollars worth of purchases justifies a lawsuit. Such a delayed reaction after a person makes many purchases would be a lawyers dream just for the publicity

WilliamSheridan336d ago

Also, being a child of 12 at the time, he cannot legally agree to any contract or Terms of Service, therefore it's a moot point

Sonic_Vs_Mario335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Mr_Writer85 "The gamer lmao, he agreed to Sony's T&C"

The gamer was a miner at the time of agreeing to Sony's terms and Conditions. His gamertag was acceptable 8 years ago, now it's not.

ziggurcat335d ago

"Their inability to act swiftly and prevent this person from losing possibly thousands of dollars worth of purchases justifies a lawsuit."

No it doesn't. They don't have people scouring their database searching for offensive PSN IDs... if an ID gets banned for violating their, say, language policies, it's because someone reported it to Sony. He also lied about his age when he created the account.

And if you go here: and search for kingMADAFAKA, you will see that he only had 138 trophies, only a total of 18 games across PS3/PS4 consoles. He did not lose "possibly thousands of dollars." He lost a couple of hundred dollars, maybe, and we don't know how many of those games were rented/borrowed/game shared.

You're blowing this out of proportion.

WilliamSheridan335d ago

Lying about his age doesn't mean anything. He can't legally agree to TOS at that age regardless. That's how the law works.

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ziggurcat335d ago


"The gamer was a miner at the time of agreeing to Sony's terms and Conditions."

child labour was outlawed in 1938...

"His gamertag was acceptable 8 years ago, now it's not."

There are no gamertags on PlayStation. Also, it was not acceptable 8 years ago, it just took 8 years for someone to report it to Sony.

FallenAngel1984337d ago

Well if people can’t change their username how can Sony fault a customer for having a PSN ID that was accepted at one point but then not later on?

The customer would have no way to course correct outside of creating a new account, and they’re being punished for Sony’s own negligence.

IRetrouk336d ago

You know that its fellow gamers that report usernames etc? For all we know hes been smashing some game online and some wee person couldnt take the beating.

slayernz336d ago

hmmm might need to keep this in mind - a couple of times been playing fifa and been abused cos i was beating them....some have had suspect usernames so someone might need to report them

PhantomS42336d ago

While I agree that Sony needs to allow for name changes but it's still on the user to create an appropriate name.

JackBNimble336d ago

Well the was 12 sure, but since he has digital content I think that Sony needs to fix this somehow.
They shouldn't just scratch his account so he loses all his games. They should at least credit his new account so he can redownload what he has already purchased.

xPhearR3dx336d ago

He was 12....At the time, PSN was free. Things were a lot different. 8 years is along time with a ton of opportunities to purchase hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth of games. To take all of that away, over a decision you made 8 years ago when you were 12, over basically "FAKA"? Yeah, that's a bit ridiculous. I can change my @ username on Twitter as much as like, whenever I like. All for free. Yet we pay $60 a year for PS+ and told were not allowed because apparently all of the millions Sony makes, they can't figure out how to let us change our username.

jmc8888336d ago

There was nothing wrong with that name.

StormSnooper336d ago

He doesn’t lose anything except the name. Everything else follows to his new account.

SonyStyled336d ago

This was true for me. My psn id was banned in 2011. Sony changes your psn id to your psn account. The only thing I lost was the trophies linked to my old account. Fortunately Sony fixed that last summer and synced my trophies from my banned id to my new id

StormSnooper336d ago

Yup. Not sure why I’m getting down voted for mentioning a fact.

Scar-336d ago

Because you just pretty much killed this article there is nothing to complain about lol. Alot of people want to bash Sony for something and you just took there ammo.

trooper_336d ago

You're actually right.

Don't worry about the down votes.

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Obscure_Observer336d ago


Yeah, specially when everybody knows that PSN ID Change has been one of the most requested features for years! The user shouldn´t be punished like this. Shame on you Sony.

InTheZoneAC336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Sony didn't accept anything...

rainslacker336d ago

That name never would have been acceptable based on their policies.

What's more surprising about the story is it took so long for someone to report him.

Obscure_Observer336d ago


"What's more surprising about the story is it took so long for someone to report him."

No more surprising than the fact that Sony just banned his account without a notification, warning or second thought! A 8+ year account!

Way to treat its loyal fanbase. They should offer him the option to change his name before took such extreme action since they (and only they) can change his psn id! They don´t allow you to do that! They don´t even bother to check his psn account before kick you out! They got a report, hit the button, then, BAN! You´re finished! They rather be exposed for this nonsense on the internet so they can finally do what´s they´re supposed to do from the beggining! That´s irresponsable and anti-consumer action right here! He was 12 fcs! He should take legal action against Sony for this!

nucky64336d ago

wouldn't it be even easier to just create a name that is, in no way, offensive - and avoid the situation entirely?

Mr_Writer85336d ago

"how can Sony fault a customer for having a PSN ID that was accepted at one point but then not later on?"

He tried to get around it by changing the spelling, but read it out loud and you know what it means.

You expect Sony to have someone go through 70million user names and read them out loud to make sure that the filter hasn't missed anything?

And do it on creation of new accounts?

He is at fault not Sony, he signed up to their T&C's, broke them, and is now being punished.

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SegaGamer336d ago

If this is true, then this is a lack of common sense on Sony's part. He was a 12 year old kid when he made that account, if you just let players change their account name, then there wouldn't be a problem.

If this happened to me, then something like this would make me sell my PS4 and move somewhere else. To lose 8 years worth of content in one single moment wouldn't be something i could forgive.

Cmv38336d ago

It's Sony fault a 12 year old kid couldn't resist the urge to create an inappropriate user name? Sucks to lose stuff but it's not really Sony fault. But I think at this point, they should allow for a name change.

jmc8888336d ago

It wasn't an inappropriate name.

Did it had the F word in it?


If anything he was a made a fake a

threefootwang336d ago

"Not Sony's fault"

Keep drinking the Kool Aid.

I bet you'd have the same reaction if it was you in these circumstances.

uth11336d ago

it is Sony's fault because they dont offer an alternative to fix the issue

Matrix6336d ago

Don't you need to be of legal age to create your own account? Otherwise, you'd have to be part of a sub-account. It's all in be T&C's surely.

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InTheZoneAC336d ago

When I was 12 I knew not to make a vulgar excuse

jmc8888336d ago

Because Sony should just ban names that aren't even bad words?

That's INSANE.

SegaGamer336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Good for you, i bet you were immature in other ways as a 12 year old though, what kid isn't? Being punished for something so trivial he did as a kid is ridiculous on Sony's part.

andibandit336d ago

Yeah lets get rid of:
Juvenile criminal law,
while we are at it.