What if the Sony PSP Succeeded?

Alex S. from Link-Cable writes: "Welcome to the penultimate edition in our series of ‘what if‘ articles and the only one to feature a handheld game system – the Sony PSP. But wait, wasn’t the PSP a hit for Sony and a fan favorite? Well yes, the system was a massive success for Sony and helped them spread the PlayStation brand to a whole new audience of players, so why is the PSP getting its own entry on this list when it is (by far) the best-selling and received system in this series? Well in a lot of ways, despite its success the PSP never really attained any of its core goals (to challenge Nintendo for handheld dominance and usher in a new multimedia standard for on the go entertainment) and the way the PSP’s twilight years were handled essentially set up its successor to fail. So while not a train-wreck (like the other consoles we discussed) things definitely could have gone a lot better for Sony’s first handheld."

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porkChop268d ago

Things could have been handled a little better in the later years, sure, but for a debut handheld it was certainly a success.

Brian7655492267d ago

Of course it was a success. I thoroughly enjoyed mine.

jrshankill266d ago (Edited 266d ago )

Dumb article. 82 Million worldwide sales. PSP was a success. It sold more than NES, Super Nintendo, Genesis, Gamecube and OG Xbox.

subtenko266d ago

F yea, and it revolutionized that market, I remember everyone got excited and amazed by it for so many reasons! Oh it has mini disc?! WOW You're playing online with someone right now!?1 Wow you're talking to them all too!? (Socom FIre Team Bravo)

Analog stick!? Emulators? homebrew? WOOOOOOOWW

The PSP was most definitely an exciting successful console! I saved up my lunchmoney for that thing only for it to be sold out on launch day but cool gamestop manager hooked me up the second week!! Thats for the nostalgia everyone <3

FallenAngel1984268d ago

Since when is selling 82 million not succeeding?

SegaGamer267d ago

Exactly, it's number 8 in the top sold consoles, just behind PS3 and Xbox 360. If that isn't a success, then everything below it must have been a disaster.

Picture_Dancer267d ago

Yeah, its more than xbox and N64 and Gamecube combined :D

IamTylerDurden1267d ago

The PSP was a massive success at over 80m sold. To put it into perspective it sold just about what the xbox 360 sold. This article is a joke, PSP was a sales monster with great software and it was universally loved. A later iteration called PSP GO was a failure, but not the PSP, not by a long shot.

Fist4achin267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Hmm, you did not say 83 million. Didn't you know Sony's line is 83?! Everyone has a line...

rainslacker267d ago

PSP would have kept going fine if Sony didn't move onto the Vita. Vita probably would have done well too if Sony hadn't been so strict on trying to prevent piracy. Most of the things that turned people away were all due to things related to piracy.

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Kerplunk80267d ago

Their website sounds lame must need some clicks. Fake news.

SuperSonic91267d ago


10 million Switch units sold is a success to them but 84 million PSP sold is not. Kidtendo logic.

rainslacker267d ago

They did some other articles in the series which weren't too bad. Things for Saturn or Dreamcast.

This one seems off base though, as PSP was considered successful. It had a rocky start, but started doing well when they released GT and Metal Gear on it.

Tross267d ago

It topped 80 Million units in a market where Nintendo has always held dominance, and it was Sony's first handheld. I don't think they're too upset about being second then. If they had repeated the same strategies they used to get the PSP into homes with the Vita, maybe it could have had similar success.

PhoenixUp267d ago

Sony did use the same strategies with PSP on Vita

Tross267d ago (Edited 267d ago )

Yes and no. They used the same strategies they used with the PSP later in its life. The PSP did coast on third party support, largely from Japanese devs, in its later years. The big difference was that the PSP had already amassed a large enough install base by that point. New systems can't just "coast" in the same way older systems can. Japan and the indie scene may have somewhat salvaged the Vita, but it never got anywhere near PSP numbers.

Sure, Sony haphazardly tried to sell the Vita at first by providing some token Western first party support, but it was short lived. The PSP on the other hand received titles from the majority of Sony's flagship franchises in the West, and some like Daxter were made for the PSP rather than being some lazy facsimile of the console experience that's slightly dumbed down due to hardware limitations. The PSP was also marketed pretty aggressively with ads that capitalized on factors like its superior power (over the DS) and multimedia capabilities. With the Vita on the other hand, they barely even tried before giving up on their own system. They could have done better.

The baffling choice they made with the memory card format also didn't help. At least there were options for Pro Duos. Not so with Vita memory. It certainly wasn't the only factor that worked against the system, but it didn't help.

rainslacker267d ago

In terms of software, they did try to get the bigger games on it. Despite the naysayers, Sony was releasing some big games on it.

But they screwed up by trying too hard to prevent piracy. Content manager was annoying, and made to prevent side loading roms or new OS's. No removeable battery so it couldn't be used for piracy. Proprietary memory cards to be able to encrypt data so there wouldn't be piracy, which they doubly messed up on by making them too expensive.

Vita had a ton of great features, and even some great software, but it was expensive to get into at first, and when PS4 started gaining traction, Sony gave up almost over night.

Game is doing decent in Japan, and for people who like Japanese games, it's a great hand held. I love mine still, but would have a hard time recommending it to the average gamer.

mercyblades267d ago

If Sony ever decides to do a (proper) PSP 2, what would you/you guys like to see?
I mean, obviously better software support, but I mean more on the technical/aesthetics side of things.

Venox2008266d ago

L2 R2 buttons..clickable sticks for extra inputs and get rid of back touch pad

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