UGO: Dead Space Review (360/PS3/PC)

Ahhh… Dead Space. UGO has been wanting to rave in detail about EA Redwood Shores' latest offering for months now, but stupid embargoes kept us quiet while heavens-knows-what kept EA quiet. To say that Dead Space has been underhyped is a bit of an understatement. It is a superior video gaming experience, practically flawless in its controls, presentation and execution. While a few niggling technical troubles and a puzzling narrative disconnect hold the game back from true greatness, referring to it as "this year's BioShock" is not entirely off-base.

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Gameplay: A+
Presentation: A
Fun Factor: A-
Value: A
Overall: A

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bunbun7773661d ago

Good stuff- good stuff- all great reviews ive read so far with the exception of eurogamer...