Four Things That We Want From Grand Theft Auto 6

Richard Bailey Jr. of The Koalition writes: October 26th marks the official worldwide release date for Rockstar Games highly anticipated Red Dead Redemption 2 video game on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. While the Western-themed action-adventure title is destined to break various sales records from day one and onward, the fact of the matter is that the next entry in the critically-acclaimed Grand Theft Auto franchise will easily surpass those numbers with ease.

When thinking about the future of the GTA series, it’s important to consider several key factors including the fact that the next installment will be built to run on more powerful consoles such as the PlayStation 5 and Microsoft’s successor to the Xbox One X. With this in mind, I decided to put together a quick list of four things that we want from Grand Theft Auto 6.

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rbailey239d ago

VR support is certainly possible depending on if PSVR and VR, in general, continues to be a success. New locations and creating your own character within the main story mode would be pretty cool additions too.

PhoenixUp239d ago

I want Rockstar to also support its other franchises while also creating new IPs this generation

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Sam Fisher239d ago

Manhunt 3 would be nice, just saying

Araragifeels 239d ago

I don't think they will be a sequel since it going to be hard to beat previous Manhunt and not get an adult rating.

D3TH_D33LR238d ago

Max Payne 3 was more violent than any manhunt so far. The tv and film industry bars have also been raised quite a lot since the release of manhunt 2

Psychotica239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

I want it to support the single player part just as much as the online part. Probably wishful thinking but it's what I would like.

roadkillers239d ago

Not saying anything about our culture, maybe Rockstar is.. but I couldn't stand modern San Andreas. Is it just me or did everyone come off as idiots? No other GTA game did I feel like every pedestrian was POS.

Kabaneri239d ago

I hope they return to Miami, although Im sure theyre capable of more than one city at this point.

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