How Anthem Is Possibly Shaping Up To Be Bioware’s Do Or Die Project

The jury is still out on how much danger Bioware is actually in from a financial standpoint if Anthem doesn’t do well.

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Ashlen240d ago

Don't kid yourself, Bioware has been dead for years. Everyone that was part of Bioware during their prime is gone. Bioware is just a name EA just uses to get sales.

InKnight7s240d ago

exactly this game is last chance for EA since NFS screwed up so hardly for 3 games in row, DA is gone, ME had massive mess and Battlefront can't got this shameful greedy MT system, Mirror got ruined. I think this game will set the things if EA will only sport and shooter(Battlefield) game or they can be more.

DarkZane239d ago

The only game I am looking forward to is Burnout Paradise Remaster and the thing is still nothing but a rumor. It's how sad EA has become.

FallenAngel1984239d ago

Just before Mass Effect: Andromeda came out Bioware produced the excellent Dragon Age: Inquisition, so it’s inaccurate to say the developer has been dead for ages just because of one title .

Cy239d ago

And most of what was wrong with ME:A was because they farmed too much of it out to third party developers, most likely because EA was forcing them to/letting them make Anthem at the same time and they devoted most of their resources to that. When BioWare puts an effort in and focuses on making a good game they can still do pretty well. Their games are way too long to ever play through more than once these days, but they're better than a lot of people want to give them credit for.

neutralgamer1992239d ago


Such low standard for what you call excellent. It was one of the worst oomph world games filled with so much side content which were all fetch quests

Main story was hidden behind having to run around the map collection 5 of this and 3 of that

Dragon age:Fetch quest would be the better name

I am not hating on Bioware because I think with Casey Hudson back anthem will be legit but I still can't the the sour taste of Dragon age out of my mouth

Such high potential behind fetch quests

PhantomS42239d ago

Lol the excellent Inquisition. Please go play Origins and every Bioware game before Origins, THOSE are excellent games. Inquisition was trash.

CP_Company239d ago

Dragon age I was mediocre at best. So, yeah. There is no more bioware.

UltraNova239d ago

Inquisition was one of the rpgs that made me start hating them. It was tedious. Full to the brim with pointless and repetitive side quests and a very boring main story. Its only saving grace was the combat mechanics but that aint nearly enough in an story driven action rpg.

The Bioware we knew(up until ME:3) is no more and Anthem could very well be their last game. EA is surely breathing down their neck.

carcarias239d ago

Well, that all depends on how much store you put in professional reviews I guess. I thought DA: Inquisition had some bad flaws and so did many others. It seemed to split opinion among the gaming community, even if the critics generally praised it.

Also, ME: Andromeda is not the only title Bioware has been criticised for. People weren't happy, to varying degrees, with DA2 or ME3.

Goldby239d ago


Dragon Age: Aquisition

TheGamingEffect239d ago

Dragon Age Inquisition was ok, but please dont act like it was Dragon Age Origins.

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alex101594239d ago

Loved Inquisition, so I disagree. They're not who they used to be though. I feel like they need to get back to their roots.

PrinceVegeta239d ago

Please, Bioware is not dead. Don't be so negative from a few heart burns.

carcarias239d ago

Precisely. It's so easy to forget that it's the people who make a company, not the name. My personal experience of their games is that things were generally going downhill from DA2 on.

Anyway, I'm not sure how Anthem, an online co-op loot n' shoot, is supposed to bring Bioware back from the brink in terms of favour with the single player RPG crowd. It might be a financial success and bring in new types of fans, but if we're talking about redemption with the customers that made Bioware a success in the first place then I don't see it.

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Artemidorus240d ago

You can bet this game will take longer to make because they need a new idea to rip people off.

paintedgamer1984240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

All i know is, Anthem better be Biowares swan song for the ages or its belly up. How they could just let ME implode on itself pissed a lot of gamers off.

What they showed of Anthem looked promising and suprisingly it was a gameplay demo, which most devs dont show early access of. Its usually a bunch of game trailors of cut scenes, or what Metroid Prime 4 did and just flash a banner in front of our faces.

Eonjay239d ago

When it comes down to it, they screwed ME up and instead of taking time to fix it, they pushed it out for the cash grab and messed it up. The problem comes when fans are expecting more quality then the mega publisher is willing to put in. Even if they aren't the original creators, you can still have PRIDE in your work like Blue Point. It goes back to the idea that working just for money when you hate what your job is is always a toxic mix.

ClayRules2012239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

I agree..

I’m no game developer, and can’t imagine how difficult and stressful it can be to make a great game that meets and exceeds fans expectations. But beyond that, to genuinely love your job, to have a passion for what you do, and to be proud of your work/teams work. That, to me, means more than making a ton load of money for the game. If making 💵 is what’s driving you, i’m afraid it’s not gonna end well. Naughty Dog (among some other studios within Sony & CD Projekt Red come to mind.

Yes, it’s a business/job. But if your main goal is to make bank on this game series, because you know it’ll sell millions of dollars, and you just wanna make money, there’s a problem, and you should take a step back, and remember why you got into this business in the first place.

For the love of making videos. Games that are finished, great, and something you can be proud in, along with pleasing your fans with a top quality game.

paintedgamer1984239d ago

Wouldnt it be amazing if someone like bluepoint remade mea and did it justice? Lol

Cy239d ago

There's nothing wrong with just wanting to make money. The problem is when you have no idea how to do it or you have no idea what your consumer base wants. BioWare and EA try to make each game be too many things for too many people, when BioWare fans just want really, really good WRPGs. They don't want multiplayer, they don't want loot boxes, they don't want massive open worlds, they don't want pared down stories and choices that don't matter. It's not the desire to make money that keeps screwing them up, it's that they don't listen to the people who are going to be spending that money.

Araragifeels 239d ago

I believe the biggest issue was assigning the game to not an experience team. BioWare Montreal only made dlc for games but ME Andromeda was their first game. Somehow the team was very incompetent and downgraded the graphics very hard from the alpha stage, plus some of developers never made a game before and nor have any experience.

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bloop239d ago

"What they showed of Anthem looked promising and suprisingly it was a gameplay demo"

That didn't look like gameplay to me. Scripted and made to look like it was gameplay more like.

PhoenixUp240d ago

It’d be a shame if Bioware did get shut down

-Foxtrot239d ago

Somtimes you either die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain

PhoenixUp239d ago

Eh what? We’ve seen plenty of longrunning developers that still produce quality content.

Just because Bioware is a 23 year old dev doesn’t mean it should get shut down.

PhoenixUp239d ago

Doesn’t mean they can’t still put out a quality product when they have their A-team producing the game

-Foxtrot239d ago

They aren’t even the same core team anymore

They’re dead bro...let them go

aaronaton239d ago

No it wouldn't. They have a SJW hiring agenda, i can't wait to see them go bust.

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Germ_the_Nobody240d ago

Game looks super awesome. /shrug

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