Monster Hunter World is Great Preparation for a Return to Dark Souls

Aside from Capcom breaking a record for themselves, Monster Hunter: World is proving to be great for one other thing: getting in the mindset to return to Dark Souls.

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xX-oldboy-Xx242d ago

What is the author on about? Can 2 games be any different?

3-4-5241d ago

I think he is referring to the boss fights

TheDriz242d ago

These games are nothing alike. Sure there are weapons and armor but besides that I’m not really sure how you go about comparing them.

Duke19242d ago

Sure in both you want to learn the bosses, their moves, weaknesses and then tailor your play against them. That said I think the similarities stop there.

CrimsonWing69242d ago

I'm pretty sure this is radically different from Dark Souls... I mean just because you take on big bosses makes you a Souls game now? Do you consider Devil May Cry a Dark Souls game?

quent241d ago

You mh fanboys need to chill the fk out, stmin management, weighted combat, dodging and learning attack patterns, get the comparison ?