Metal Gear Survive is Better Off Without Kojima

The Metal Gear franchise has always been intimately connected with its creator Hideo Kojima. Maybe it’s finally time the series embraces the perspectives of new artists.

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Nyxus2346d ago

"As much as I love Kojima’s contributions to the Metal Gear series, the franchise has done little to reiterate itself."

...what? Seriously, one of the main reason this series remained relevant and exciting for all those years is that it always DID reinvent itself.

neutralgamer19922346d ago

Journalists looking for clicks that's all. All MGS games were different and tried new things for the writer to say it didn't Cleary shows he or she doesn't understand Kojima or MGS under Kojima

Plus1Attack2346d ago

Author of the piece here, I talked about many of the different MG games in the puece, as well as Kojima's diverse catalog! I just think there's value in having a different perspective as the creative lead on Metal Gear :)

Kingthrash3602346d ago

So...zombies are "creative"?

neutralgamer19922345d ago


First of all zombies aren't creative. I honestly agree with you somewhat as a MGS fan I would love for Konami to fund a new proper MGS game

I want to see what some new fresh creative mind might be able to do with this series but MGS survive isn't that game

I am not one of those MGS fans who think the series is only good because of Kojima but was the one visionary behind many of the things that made MGS special

Now I would settle for MGS 1,2 and 3 remakes done by bluepoint. If remakes are gonna take longer and more resources than atleast mixture of remaster/remakes with updated controls along with other improvements

SharnOfTheDEAD2345d ago

The only place Metal Gear Survive belongs is in the bloody sea!

UltraNova2345d ago

The fact that the author even thought that Kojima would ever get involved in a MGS game with zombies tells you more than enough... namely to skip the whole article.

So how can a game be better off with out someone who would never want to have anything to do with it anyway is beyond me.

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Zabatsu2346d ago

I agree with the title though. So this piece of shit greedy company can collapse and go bankrupt. That’s why they’re better of than Kojima.

roboteye2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

Clearly, a zombie survival game is MGS' next natural evolution!

rainslacker2345d ago

Well, all the bad guys are killed off, along with some snakes, so only way to rehash them is zombies....Or maybe the cloning thing which has been in the series for so long. At least kojimas approach didn't resort to something easy like having mindless undead

gninja922345d ago

Zombies were in The Phantom Pain, So i don't know why you re not blaming Kojima for planting the seed. Also whenever COD announces that it will have a zombies mode everyone clamors about how great it is. But When MGS does it its terrible? OR maybe its terrible because its not Hideo that is promoting the zombies.

Goldby2345d ago


or maybe its that instead of putting effort into making a survival game, and using the Metal Gear as a foundation, they decided to use the worm holes to make an alternate timeline that doesn't line up with anything Metal Gear was about.

Like they made the alternate timeline from MGSV, and instead of putting effort into continuing the MGS franchise in a new direction, they decide to add zombies.

As for your comment about cod zombies vs MG zombies, there are two very distinct differences 1, cod zombies is an already established franchise within Cod and is built around their gameplay mechanics in a way that works. in MGSurvive, they take a series that was never about Zombies, and building structural defenses on the go with them and put that into the game, with some people stating the Fox Engine wasn't built for tower defense style gameplay, and because of that it plays worse.

Batzi2345d ago

How can anyone let this piece of shit article onto here?

DarXyde2345d ago


I can respect a difference of opinion, but this is disingenuous. Kojima is a boss at reinventing his games, and even does well to match it with the theme (Big Boss in a jungle? I need camo, hunting, and first aid skills!).

I don't understand the point the author hopes to make, but I disagree vehemently.

Plus1Attack2345d ago

My point is that the Metal Gear series has always been so closely tied to Kojima, that allowing for new creative perspectives to take control could be a good thing! Emphasis on the "could be" portion :)

Thanks for allowing in the differing opinion ;) lol

DarXyde2345d ago


Yes, it "could be"--on this, we agree. But I don't share your optimism. The last time we let Konami make a Metal Gear without Kojima, we got Snake's Revenge. Yes, that was a long time ago, but Castlevania hasn't exactly been great without Igarashi either. And look at Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. That game was still in development when Kojima was let go. While Kojima still served as director, you knew immediately what was Konami's touch--the base insurance and login rewards, namely. Now, you have Metal Gear Survive which gives no bones about taking a weird series and finding a way to make it cringe-weird. On top of that, it doesn't offer any drastic gameplay evolution the way Kojima did. I give it the bare minimum of the benefit of the doubt since it's not a mainline game, but I hold very low expectations of Konami.

Plus1Attack2345d ago


A lot of games in the Metal Gear franchise are actually not made by Kojima! "Out of the 23 games in the series, 12 of them do not feature Kojima as director" (from the article) Some of the games not made by Kojima have become personal favorites for how different they are. I talk about all that in the piece, but I can understand your hesitation! I'm not trying to say you're wrong, just throwing my opinion out there :)

KwietStorm_BLM2345d ago

Kojima's "contributions" to the Metal Gear series lol.. The franchise is literally a thing because of Kojima, especially the Solid series. There's always some dummies who wants to praise something new, just because it's new, so they try extra hard to force together their reasoning.

Plus1Attack2345d ago

Hey KwietStorm!

I just think a new perspective on the Metal Gear franchise could be really refreshing! We've had the series revolve around Kojima's sensibilities for over thirty years, which is crazy to think about! I don't think you're wrong in your skepticism, but I also think there's something exciting about the prospect of new leadership on this franchise is all :)

Goldby2345d ago

^but when that new creative leadership decides to fall back on Zombies is something to talk about.

liek they had their escape route to reboot the series with the worm hole on mother base, why did they have to go the zombie route instead of ohh i dont know, a survival game based off of the likes of MGS3.

zb1ftw7772345d ago

The franchise is not relevant anymore though.

I can't even tell you what the name of the last game was. I did try the demo though and found it monotonous and boring.

Metal gear survive sounds like an endless runner to me with little to no story at all.

Jamaicangmr2345d ago

Don't even waste your time reading this brain fart.

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smolinsk2346d ago (Edited 2346d ago )

And look what is happening to metal gear now, metal gear survive looks terrible to say the least.

smolinsk2345d ago

because of everything in the game, every aspect of the game looks terrible, like in a very sad way.

roadkillers2345d ago

It looks average. Metal Gear's not average.

trooper_2345d ago

Agreed. This should have been a new IP.

Goldby2345d ago

ahh it should, but then it wouldnt sell, specially with alot of the ps4 users not even being able to play the game without an update