There is no downside to Microsoft buying Valve

Steve C talks about the rumour that Microsoft is looking to buy Valve and how he thinks it is a deal where everyone comes out as a winner

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brettnll239d ago

It feels kinda greedy of Valve to just sit on beloved IP and never do anything with it. With the money that Steam is bringing in they could probably afford to finance a sequel to Left 4 Dead 2, Portal 2, or god forbid Half-life 2.

I would love if MS (or any publisher) purchased that IP and did something with it.

Sciurus_vulgaris239d ago

Valve as a developer no longer has to follow deadlines and steadily output games. The success of Steam has arguably negatively affected Valve as a top-tier developer. The company since the release of Portal 2 is no a AAA developer, and are mainly a digital distributor.

I can see the logical behind MS buying Valve, but I don’t think the company will them. Nor, do a particularly believe such rumours. Valve would MS’s biggest game related purchase since Minecraft.

TheCommentator238d ago

MS wants digital distribution and Valve wants it's services on a set-top box though. It's like they were meant for each other.

paintedgamer1984238d ago

Exactly, steam makes them more $$ every year than any offer could ever touch. Esp over the course of 5 years. They dont even have to make games. Not many devs can say that if any at all.

Strafe238d ago

Valve were great, now they are no more. It's sad to think of really, the potential. But greed got in the way and now I don't give a shit what happens to Valve. Why should I, they don't give a shit about me?

thekhurg238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

The downside to MS buying Valve is MS BUYING VALVE.

No thanks.

It would take bias on the level of a website like the name of that one to state otherwise.

maelstromb238d ago

And what's funny about Portal 2 is that it was not an in-house team that began development on that title. Its development was started by a group of students using the Source engine. Valve liked it so much that they then hired those students and brought it in-house to craft it into an officially published Valve game.

FinalFantasyFanatic237d ago

Valve doesn't really make games anymore and with the money they have rolling in now they probably aren't interested. As for Microsoft buying them, probably not, there'd be a stupid large amount of money involved if that was the case.

indysurfn237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

o downside? Last time I checked when you buy your ONLY big competitor in a market the downside is the consumer ends up PAYING BIG MONEY. REMEMBER people STEAM AND VALVE is ONE and the SAME!

Speaking to if Microsoft does not JUST BUY THE GAMES part of valve

Why would Microsoft allow steam to give big discounts ever again? They can LEGALLY fix prices if they buy STEAM!

Babadook7237d ago

Just like there was no downside to them buying Rare. Oh wait.

Cueil237d ago

in no world is MS buying Valve a bad thing... at worst you get more of the same sans horrible F rated user support, but we know that wouldn't happen. I suspect that what would more likely happen is that Half-Life would be brought back and Steamworks would be trashed like the crap that it is for a better online infrastructure. The fact that Valve has just been sitting on this platform with updates that very rarely add anything of substance is kind of sad. Their tech support is the worst in the industry bar none and very nearly is non-existent. PC gamers need to stop giving this company so much praise when they're updates are about as sad as 2000 madden games updates... at least Madden would add some quirk to improve defense or offense or the run game... the last update that mattered on steam was letting you create your own tags.

ThanatosDMC237d ago

Just look at GFWL and even Win 10... yeah F that.

UltraNova237d ago

Whats the downside of gaining PC gaming monopoly? Let me refraise that, what's the downside in Microsoft gaining PC gaming monopoly?

Well ask the most interested party - PC gamers, I'm sure they will find some....colourful answers to that question!

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AGVulture89239d ago

A new Left 4 Dead would be fantastic. I've never been a fan of Half Life but I know a lot of people would be happy for a new installment to be announced.

Fist4achin238d ago

Not sure about happy, but definitely interested...

FlyingFoxy238d ago

I want both, L4D is a weird one.. The sequel came one year after the first game, and since then.. Nothing.

FBNS237d ago

L4D2 is worse than the original in almost every way too...

The Tanks were smarter and meaner... Hunters couldn't pounce you from 5 feet away... You could crawl when you were down... If you looked down you actually had a damn body attached to you and not floating arms like 2 had...

Godmars290238d ago (Edited 238d ago )


They're not making games while making money hand over fist via Steam, and they're "greedy"?

Hell, by what I understand Portal, L4D and even Half-Life weren't original Valve properties, rather they were original Team Fortress mods they published. So they really haven't been "making" games for some time.

Likewise, given how much they're making via Steam, can't see MS simply buying Valve. That they'd do so more for Steam, which they then would integrate the Windows Live model into.

zaherdab238d ago

huh ?? half is a team fortress mod ???!!! which alternate history do u come from ?

Razmiran237d ago

Son, what have you been smoking?

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bluefox755238d ago

MS kills everything it touches, no thank you.

The 10th Rider238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Bungie and Epic did excellent work on Halo and Gears of War under Microsoft, yet both developers have struggled to recapture that greatness since they've left. Ori and Cuphead were also fantastic and those involved Microsoft.

What leads you to believe Microsoft kills everything they touch? Sure, they closed some studios, but I could come up with plenty of formerly great studios that Sony closed . . . That doesn't mean they kill everything they touch. It's just business.

Christopher238d ago

That ever sweet and slow death of Windows, Office, Halo, Forza, Gears of War, and more.

That's like saying my wife is killing me one day at a time over sixty years.

Christopher238d ago

Microsoft could buy the IPs without having to buy the company.

Valve is making more money doing less with games than they make out of games. They aren't going to sell unless the value provided is comparatively astronomical.

As far as "no downside" I believe there would be a major downside for the storefront as it would definitely result in integration with Windows Store and push everyone to utilize Win10 methods that obviously has not been as popular considering Steam games are way more numerous and prominent than Windows 10 focused games. Perhaps it could be a revitalization of sorts, but I doubt many people would take keenly and there might even be an opportunity for a new storefront to take over Steam.

ZombieGamerMan238d ago

@ brettmll MS owns RAre and with it Conquer's Bad Fur Day, you tell me if you think MS would really make a Half Life 3 if they wouldn't make a Bad Fur Day 2

Thatguy-310237d ago

IMO it seems kinda greedy of MS to have all that money and still fail to use it to invest and develop their own first-party studios.

ClanPsi1237d ago

M$ wouldn't do anything with the IPs, either.

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TheEnigma313238d ago

Valve wants no parts of being under MS.

fiveby9237d ago

If MS were to buy Valve, my game purchases on Steam would cease. What's MS buying? A digital distribution platform? Clearly, MS can't figure that out themselves as Games4Windows and the current store are not well received. New digital distribution platforms will rise which displace Steam if they get bought by MS. Robot Cache is a new entry which has promise. Being able to resell digital games could be interesting.

timlot238d ago

I will bookmark this comment because boy are you going to be disappointed.

Araragifeels 238d ago

Gabe already said that such thing is not happening

Aura7541238d ago

Valve is a privately owned company, not a publicly traded company. Microsoft cannot buy Valve unless Gabe consents to the transaction.

Eonjay238d ago

It's not about what we think it's about what Gabe thinks and he already said no.

TheCommentator237d ago

@ Araragifeels

Gabe also said he would never make PS3 games:
Then this happened:

For Gabe, money speaks louder than he does.

ThatDudeMunkee237d ago

@Timlot, Gabe has been pretty outspoken about his distaste for Microsoft after the Windows 10 fiasco. Also, he has actually "responded" to an email by a fan stating that he's not aware of Microsoft buying Valve. Also, they can't, they aren't a publically traded company, they are a privately owned business, meaning Gabe solely owns it and has to consent to such a transaction and I doubt he would. https://www.futuregamerelea...

DarXyde237d ago

You might not know how company ownership works.

Vegamyster237d ago


Gabe didn't like how hard the Cell architecture was to develop for compared to the PC & 360, that's not the same thing as selling off your privately owned company when you're already worth billions.

TheCommentator237d ago

@ Vegamyster
I'm addressing Gabe's character; not whether or not the subject matter is the same. I demonstrated that he's the type of guy who'd sell if the money was right in spite of what he says in public.

rainslacker237d ago

Gabe has never struck me as the kind of guy who just wants to make more money because he can. At least not at the expense of giving up everything he's worked for to create Valve and Steam. He had a vision with Steam, and I believe his principals lie more in that vision, than being more of a billionaire than he already is. There comes a point where more money doesn't really do much for you. If you have 1 billion, is 2 billion really going to be that big of a deal for you? Some people think like this, and they're the kind of people we call the 1% of the 1%. They're not well thought of, and Gabe has never once struck me as the kind of guy who wants to be classified as one of them.

As it stands, he has influence in the industry to shape how things go. If he sells Valve/Steam, then he loses much of the influence beyond a pundent level. Where he sits now, he can affect positive change. He can't necessarily do that if he just has another few billion dollars.

DarXyde237d ago


Gabe called it a "waste of everybody's time", which is not the same as "I will never make a PS3 game."

A waste of time that became worth the time. It's clear he misjudged PS3. How does one misjudge not wanting to be acquired when business is booming?

I realize you want this acquisition to happen, but your reasoning is flawed.

ThanatosDMC237d ago

Gabe hates MSFT with a passion. Unless they can remove Steam from his cold dead hands... I doubt MSFT would be able to buy anything from Gabe.

TheCommentator237d ago

I think you're probably right, Rain. That said, he also seems to be able to let go of grudges too.

I found this:

'Another Twitter question wondered what exactly Gabe & Company had against the PS3: "Why are you so vocal against the PS3 when other companies just stay quiet and do what they do?" Newell admitted that it was partly out of frustration, since Valve felt that it had done the worst job supporting its customers on Sony's console, and didn't have the capability to deliver them content like they could on the 360 or PC.

Still, when asked if Valve was working on the PS3 in an attempt to get better at programming for it, Newell's response was fairly clear: "No. Not in any real way."

So, when Half-Life 2: Episode 3 does eventually come out after Valve is done learning ASL, it probably won't be on the PS3. Gee, you'd almost think Gabe Newell has a grudge against the console or something."


As you can see, if a company changes how it does business, then Gabe is willing to work with them. Given how you present your information though, I still have to say that my initial perspective was flawed. Perhaps one day Gabe will work with MS, but not any time soon from what I can tell. Thanks for the correction!

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yellowgerbil238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Unless they are gunna buy it for 100mil it ain't happening. Valve has all the leverage with pretty much a a free money machine. 30% of pc money without lifting a finger.

Elwenil238d ago

$100 million wouldn't even scratch the surface. Forbes said in 2012 that Valve is worth over $3 billion USD. Kotaku said in 2017 that Valve was worth $4.1 billion USD. Gabe himself is apparently sitting on $1.5 billion, so I don't know that he really needs anything else.

238d ago
yellowgerbil238d ago

My apologies am writing on phone and constantly fixing autocorrects. Meant 100bil

rainslacker237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Worth is generally determined by what kind of revenue can be made over a set period of time versus the operating cost which are then subtracted. Then some other factors are calculated based on potential growth.

Truth be told, most companies worth on the stock market are much higher than the actual profits they bring in per 3-4 years time.

Ultimately though, what analysts say it's worth, is about what it's worth and what it'll cost to sell. Sometimes that number is way off of what it may actually be worth....which caused the tech bubble burst some years ago. I think Valve though is valued about what it is actually worth, or close to it, and to buy it, MS would likely have to spend more than it's worth, because there is no sign of Steam slowing down, so if they sell, they'll sell based on a longer time period than what the analyst predict in their own time frame.


MS could afford it, but question is, would the investors go for it. Outside of gaining a already viable distribution platform, there is no real gain for MS, who has been investing in doing that exact thing for a long time now, so the investors are more likely to ask why MS spent all that money and couldn't manage to make something viable.

ThatDudeMunkee237d ago

Microsoft would have to spend a lot more than $100 million USD. Try somewhere in the billions. I'd save between 1-5 billion USD and that's the low-end estimate. Microsoft could literally, not afford it, plus it would be a Monopoly for Microsoft. They would literally dominate PC distribution for games outside of Humble Bundle and GoG.

InTheZoneAC238d ago

Ms buying anything is just not good for business. They don't have good intentions in the market as is

jrshankill238d ago

and what company does have good intentions for the end consumer?

Think before you answer

InTheZoneAC238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

Any company that doesn't rely on blind loyalty like Ms does with xbox or EA and their microtransaction heavy games.. Think before you ask a stupid question.

UCForce238d ago

Most importantly, PC Gamers don’t like how MS treat them.

Dragonscale238d ago

Well it def aint ms thats for sure.

kitano1947237d ago

steams free to use. Microsoft would tack on a monthly sub fee. guaranteed

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Yohshida238d ago

Yep MS is so evil, god forbid anyone trusts them.