[New] Biomutant Gameplay Revealed - New Gameplay Trailer Looks Great

This new ARPG is looking good and we get to see the first Biomutant gameplay revealed today as THQ nordic show off the latest details from this project.

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Pancit_Canton2287d ago

This game looks like a spin-off of Monster Hunter World; Palico.

Wasabi2287d ago

Not sure why so many people are disagreeing with you Pancit.

I'd agree that the art style is very similar to Monster Hunter World, in fact I instantly looked at the comments section here to see if it was just me or if anybody else had noticed it too.

Thats not a negative, I think the art style looks great.

I love MHW and I think that bio mutant looks really promising, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Its great to see more games adopting a creative, colourful style and unique main characters rather than the usual futuristic Destiny super soldiers with the grey and brown hues of the original gears era.

Wasabi2287d ago Show
roadkillers2286d ago

No one else found the humor in this? The small cat... looks just like him.

paintedgamer19842287d ago

I actually forgot about this game, but thlught it showed great promise when it was shown.

strayanalog2287d ago

The title is shaping up nicely, and though I remain intrigued, the heat is still on Experiment 101 to deliver on their first game. Hopefully this brings out the best in them and their work.‎

Gaming4Life19812287d ago

I need to see more but I am interested.

IamTylerDurden12287d ago

That was overwhelmingly impressive. Visuals and animations were very strong and the gameplay appears varied and fun. The mechs and machines you control were creative and blatantly awesome, the game seems to have flavor.

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THQ Nordic says Biomutant on Switch has sold more copies than they expected

Biomutant received a surprise release by THQ Nordic on the Nintendo Switch and while it has various compromises to run on Nintendo’s now aging Switch hardware, it is still good fun.

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Philaroni2d ago

Good for them, I miss games like this is, was rough at some points but by now I feel it must have got better. Maybe I'm just a sucker for fuzzy things like Ratchet and Clank, and the old Conker and Jak/Dax games. Don't know, just reminds me of those times.