Learning to love older games

GI: "Shadow of the Colossus isn't being bought by people nostalgic for the 1990s (that's what Steps releasing a new album is for), but by people who want to experience it again as a fantastic game. That's a far more meaningful moment of progress for the medium than many may realise."

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DarkOcelet243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

"it signifies an underlying shift in how consumers value older games. "

Or just how boring and uninspired this generation truly is. Aside from the first party games from Sony and Nintendo, the gen has been rather disappointing especially when it comes to the AAA games from western publishers where most of them are just trying to take every penny u have. Yes, we have games like The Witcher 3 and Monster Hunter:World but they are so far in between. All we got this generation is more microtransactions, more dlc, more bullshit. I really hope the next gen is better when it comes to third party but am not holding my breath.

Nyxus243d ago

I disagree completely. There are more good games coming out than I can find the time to play. Yes DLC and MT are annoying but luckily they can still be ignored.

Mista2018242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Like what games? I have 348 games on ps4 alone, all digital. And about 200 more on ps3 digital. Aside from Persona, older Metal Gear games, monster hunter, dark souls, etc all the other games are either boring, non-innovative or too easy. Most games I buy nowadays are indie--hoping for a unique experience. Only game that's got my eye in for the rest of 2018 are Spiderman, Wargroove and a handful more that I can't recall right now. I may just need to get a Switch too.

Einhander1971242d ago

It goes to show how amazing and timeless colossus is, the level design and gameplay mechanics are above and beyond most modern games. It proves it with this fantastic remaster, if you didn't know this was originally designed on ps2 it could easily pass as current gen design. Developers today need to look at these classics and get some true inspiration, instead of churning out the same crap.