Monster Hunter: World Review – The Best and Most Accessible Entry Yet | GameCloud

Harry Kalogirou at GameCloud writes: "As a long time fan of Monster Hunter, words can’t express just how pleased I am with Monster Hunter: World. The move to current generation consoles does nothing but wonders for all the areas and monsters you’ll encounter during your playthrough, and it’s amazing just how well it’s been positioned in terms of accessibility. It’s an immense game filled with quality content, and one that’s driven by an addictive and satisfying gameplay loop that never lets up. The narrative may not be anything to gawk at, but it’s by no means terrible and is undoubtedly the best in the franchise. If you’ve ever wanted to give Monster Hunter a try, there’s no better time to than now. Capcom has hit this one out of the park, and Monster Hunter: World deserves the monstrous amount of success it’s been garnering."

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tucky245d ago

Lol. If this technical mess is the best ... I cannot imagine how were the others