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Jarren: Kingdom Come Deliverance should not have been released the way that it was. It simply needed more time in development because it’s a bit annoying hearing Warhorse bashfully asking us to be patient because they’re fixing the known issues as we speak.

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Strangeface239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

For a review to be this badly written in 2018 is unacceptable.

DeeeezNuuuts239d ago

Just finished reading it and you weren't wrong, you'd think people would go over what they've just put and make the adjustments, shoddy reviewer

HollowKnight239d ago

It's like they ditched everything that made The Witcher 3 and Skyrim great for a bland medieval setting.

mkis007239d ago

Here's an idea...not all games have to be the same...someone could make something that is niche and appeals to a certain set of people....there's another 2 series that did that...soulsbourne.

The combat makes you feel amazing when you master it.

TheSaint239d ago

The combat is the one thing that is putting me off, it looks janky. I know sometimes you have to try it to truly know but does it feel janky at first until you master it?

Uglyday239d ago

@the saint You could maybe call it jank but it misses the point of the game systems and becoming the main character Henry. Your character has had one sword fighting lesson and you in his shoes take the second. You can see how the combat should work and how it could be good but you actually need to learn to sword fight. You look at who you are fighting get a read on their posture and get ready to block and/or attack directionally to succeed. You don’t just pick up the biggest sharpest sword you can find and jam on the attack button till the adversary is down you actually have to think about swordplay. Later on if you have heavy armor you can just rush in on guys and stun them with your metal shell then hack them up if they aren’t wearing the same armor. So ya, no jank, no bullet/hackhackhack sponges either.

smolinsk239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

The Witcher and especially Skyrim is lacking everything that is making Kingdome come great and every real RPG games need

Hungryalpaca238d ago

And those would be? Because the story and dialogue is fantastic, which was the highlight of Witcher 3. The combat is challenging and rewarding unlike the swing until your arms fall off Skyrim. The world is detailed, rich, accurate and beautiful unlike Skyrim. Armor does something unlike both games where it just adds more health.

How uninformed are you? The only thing wrong with the game is the bugs and save system.

Not enough combat? There’s plenty. Go hunting bandits or Cumans. There’s plenty on the map. Plus. Combat isn’t the point of the game. It’s to live the life of Henry. Which millions are finding fantastic because it’s also a history lesson.

Skyrim was bland as hell dude. Oblivion was FAR superior. Nothing in Skyrim looks good. Nothing in Skyrim feels good. It’s just big with fetch quests and a bland poorly acted story. The game plays itself.

mkis007238d ago (Edited 238d ago )

I want an Oblivion remaster so damn bad :( Maybe they will surprise us with an Oblivion 2 or something.

Mr-Dude239d ago

Everybody praises Bethesda when they bring out a new game, then it is buggy as hell and nobody cares. The same with other games from bigger dev and publishers. But a indie dev?

Burn it to the ground and nitpick about everything

Dark_Knightmare2239d ago

I couldn't have said it better myself. I'm so tired of a new bethseda title releasing buggy as hell and having people say "oh it's a bethseda title it's part of the charm". I mean when the hell is it "charming" for a game to be super buggy especially one that has bland characters and a crap storyline with barely passable gameplay. Oh wait I forgot I can pick up a toaster and drop it on the other side of the map and it will stay there I guess that is enough to give a buggy game a pass.

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