LBP bundle confirmed for October 31 in Europe, DS bundles stay East

SCEE just confirmed to VG247 that its LittleBigPlanet bundle will launch in Europe on October 31.

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theKiller3747d ago

i think this fall in europe ps3 will sell 2 millions!!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3747d ago


solidt123747d ago

PS3 is the majority choice in Europe and LBP will seal the deal. The US PS3 market is growing but that year early start for the Xbox 360, and PS3 price and bad Economy is just making it take a little longer.

FAQS3747d ago

A: UAU! Excellent! The lauch of this bundle will be EPIC! That will be a mark in gaming History!!! Like Shane said bye bye bots!....Bubbles for you all!

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Ryangp3748d ago

But i already have a ps3, for now im waiting for 24th october, They say the devils water it aint so sweet, you dont have to drink right now, but you can dip your feet, ever once in a little while...

shine13963747d ago

did you just break into a song?

the killers...right?

dro3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

sackboy will sell more systems than snake did. i just have that feeling...

Shane Kim3747d ago

Yep, When You Were Young, with the Killers.

leila013747d ago

off topic: "Somebody told me" - The killers (that's my favorite)

I think the GT prologue bundle is still a better deal, you get GT Prologue, 2 DualShock3, plus an 80GB PS3 for €449.

LBP bundle = LBP and 80GB PS3 for €449.

IzKyD13313747d ago

"off topic: "Somebody told me" - The killers (that's my favorite)"

"spaceman" is my fav lol

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THC CELL3747d ago

we know europe is coverd and will sell millions

japan will come to there senses

America well who knows.

Xbots will temp fate and jump ship ya think i am kidding lol
this game is now named the you tube of gaming
that is hard to beat

Karum3747d ago

That's a good deal, the bundles on offer atm in the UK have games such as MGS4 and FIFA 09 along with a controller for £309.99

I got my copy of the game on preorder tho from with the nariko character, would have preferred Kratos but that's the only preorder bundle I could find in the UK :(

-GametimeUK-3747d ago

I have Kratos... Came free with the official playstation mag here in the UK... I even got 2 codes in my issue!!! some people didnt get any in theirs

Lets-Game3738d ago

was waiting for a while now. Finally gonna get my own ps3.