A Great PS Vita Feature Still Missing From PS4

"The PlayStation Vita is criticized pretty often, mostly due to the lack of AAA western games on the platform. However, the handheld system did one thing right that means a whole lot to a large group PlayStation fans." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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Knushwood Butt240d ago

You should take the responsibility for platting Hanna Montana

Wh1teLightning238d ago

While I could care less about sorting options the fact remains that Sony screwed the pooch when it comes to the Vita. You can remote play to a PS4 but since the PS4 launch there has never been any push to truly integrate it with the system. For instance if I plug directly into the PS4 USB port I should have an app like the one on the Vita itself that lets me manage content. The point I'm making is the Vita has never felt like or been advertised as a device that seamlessly integrates w/the PS4.

Sad cause it's still an awesome device. I know this is wishful thinking, but add a second set of shoulder buttons, clickable sticks (R3 etc), and switch out those horrid memory cards for SD support ant you have a system that could easily compete with the Switch.

Fist4achin238d ago

Agreed on the additions that would make the Vita kick ass. I just wish Sony would follow through.

A lot of the psp success came from purchasers who hacked theirs. I'm not saying it is right, but I do wonder what sales figures looked like before and after they were able to manipulate it like that.