Grand Theft Auto Online Plane Mayhem Video

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a funny gameplay video of things to do; or not to do on the beach with a "borrowed" airplane.

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Garethvk294d ago

I want to try it with one of the Jets next. I know a Helicopter would be tricky.

Belinker300293d ago

This game is completely whack now.Buy a multi million dollar hangar just to park my multi million dollar plane to participate in said content.Only to be relentlessly shot to pieces by 'Brats' which are OP as hell because they stole mommy's credit card to buy Shark Cards....yeah no thanks..plz don't ruin Red Dead 2 online like this

Garethvk293d ago

Plus the hackers are all over the place. Flying cars, vehicles that take no damage and they are out picking off players.

Goldby293d ago

there are flying cars in the game though, and flying motorcycles

Belinker300293d ago

This video in the current world climate of terrorism attacks mirroring this content is extremely poor taste

Garethvk293d ago

Have yet to hear of an attack where a prop plane was used on the beach. Also, have you played the game? This is very tame compared to most of the other activities.