Bayonetta 2 Is Too Good To Have Stayed Buried On The Wii U

Kotaku's Kirk Hamilton: "For years, the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2 has been like that amazing restaurant that’s tucked away in a depressing mall on the far side of town. It’s fantastic, sure, but it’d be so much better if it were easier to reach."

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PhoenixUp336d ago

“Bayonetta 2 is the first of hopefully several major Wii U exclusives to get ported to the Switch.”

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Lego City Undercover & Pokken Tournament DX say hi.

mikeslemonade336d ago

Bayonetta 2 is not that good. The first Bayonetta was better in a direct comparison. Better level design, introduced the witch time in a big effective way, better bosses. B2 is just fight the 2 same enemies in a sky platform and then fight a boss in either a sky platform or float around in the sky. Nothing memorable.

TekoIie335d ago


"Bayonetta 2 is not that good. The first Bayonetta was better in a direct comparison. Better level design, introduced the witch time in a big effective way, better bosses."

You havent played Bayo2 have you? like what does "introduced the witch time in a big effective way" even mean? The only thing I can think you're referencing is the really basic time limit platforming Bayo1 had which is a really minor part of the game.

Level design is debatable because im not sure there's really much of a difference but Bayo2 is a hell of a lot more polished and makes much better use of colour compared to the original. But seriously you're going to try and claim Bayo1 had better bosses? Is this a joke? The bosses of Bayo2 are a step above those in Bayo1 and hell some of them even return for Bayo2 (with some variation on how they're fought) so I dont know what you're on about when you say 2 isn't that good when it features similar content from the original.

Then theres just the general polish to controls and combat which make Bayo2 far more enjoyable. I've kinda only realised this through going back to play Bayo1 on Switch.

mikeslemonade335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

I played B2 at launch just as I did play B1 at launch. I bought a WiiU for B2. And I was dissapointed. B1 is still the best hack and slash game.

B2 is 5 years newer than B1 and I can still come up with points where B1 is better. You guys don't have good taste in games.

Let me ask you, which game started witch time? My point exactly. B2 doesn't do it any better.

The bosses are better in 1. Fewer bosses, but quality over quantity.

Level design is better in 1, like you said there's more jumping. There's corridors and navigating around a level and fighting enemies before you fight the boss.

But gamers these days are surface level and lack substance. They want things stream lined. Like have all the dungeons layed out in bits like in Zelda.

NecrumOddBoy336d ago

I wish they'd port Paper Mario and Captain Toad as well. Also, lost why there hasn't been a Smash or Mario Maker yet.

Jaypi03336d ago

I say give it time. E3's still coming as well as other Nintendo directs.

davand114336d ago

It'll be cool if they did a Captain Toad sequal that comes with a download code for the first one.

FBNS336d ago

None of those are major though.... Especially Lego City...

remixx116336d ago

Mario kart 8 is probably the biggest port tho

CorndogBurglar336d ago

In what world do you live in where Mario Kart 8 and Pokken Tournament are not major Nintendo exclusives?

FBNS334d ago

Pokken tournament isn't that big since it caters to a very niche market... Both aren't geared towards adult gamers either. Adult gamers are the biggest recurrent market.

DialgaMarine336d ago

To be fair, Lego City Undercover isn’t an exclusive, and those other two weren’t just straight ports; they added new content that wasn’t previously available.

meganick336d ago

They added amiibo support and offline co op in Bayonetta 2 for Switch, so is that not a straight port either?

AZRoboto336d ago

Accounting for typical-Gawker-typos, he probably meant first major third-party exclusive, and didn't consider a Lego game to be major

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AZRoboto336d ago

Kotaku has had several articles and exclusive editorials exposing harsh gaming workplaces, but "Gamergate" so everything that comes from there is apparently just awful

Nu336d ago

Adam Sandler's mom, is that you?

Frinker336d ago

Wish the new God of War was more Bayonetta and less Last of Us

Nu336d ago

Strange that you would ask if I've played Gears of War. I'll tell you, I have every Gears of War game, so let me tell you, of course I've played Gears of War. /s

PhantomS42336d ago

Have you not seen the gameplay? Still very much God of War. But sure, let's just look at the promo art and see the adult/child combo and jump to conclusions.

ForeverTheGoat336d ago

If you compare it to god of war 3, not really. The combat is slower paced. And come on. You can tell they borrowed a few elements from last of us. Doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing though.

Concertoine336d ago

Sorry, the over the shoulder camera doesnt do it for me. It looks a lot clunkier. Im sure it'll be good but in a different way then past games.

Bayonetta 3 appears to be the only upcoming hack n slash in the vain of the PS2 glory days.

MasterCornholio336d ago

It doesn't play like the last of us.

Highlife336d ago

Sometimes opinions are better left unsaid

_-EDMIX-_336d ago


Two completely different series.

I wish Bayonetta to stay Bayonetta and I wish God of War to stay God of War.

And if you're going to use the last of us as an example of a game with a good narrative then sure but that's not something that's exclusive to The Last of Us you just seem to think it is lol

I mean so what you're saying is the game was supposed to have a bad story? 😂😂😂 28514;

So who's writing a game saying "man I better not make it as good as The Last of Us in regards to narrative better make the story more crappy" ?

Theknightofnights336d ago

You realize that God of War's perspective and combat used to be way more like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta than this newest iteration is, right?

Not saying it's going to be bad (I'm excited for it), but if you wished for God of War to stay God of War then you'd at least identify the change in perspective and combat.

DialgaMarine336d ago

@Knight Yes, but for those of us that have actually played through every God of War title, a change is fairly welcome. The original titles will always be classics, but Ascension showed us that the formula was starting to show its age, I know there’s a huge difference and understand why some people are worried, but I trust Barlog and the team to deliver an excellent title that is new, but still feels like God of War.

Besides, most of the people complaining are moronic anti-PlayStation fan girls who would be criticizing it no matter what it was.

RememberThe357335d ago

GOW would be more of a bawler while DMC is more of a fighting game. If anything I'd like to see DMC get a similar treatment that the new GOW got..

DialgaMarine336d ago

1) You haven’t played it. Fail.

2) It’s much less TLoU, and more Bloodborne. Optional bosses, melee centric combat w/ some range attacks, semi-open world, etc.

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I_am_Batman336d ago

Still haven't played Bayonetta 2 because i couldn't bring myself to buy a Wii-U. Bayonetta 1 was one of my favorite games of last gen so it's nice to see Bayonetta 2 getting another chance on a more successful platform. I've already decided that I'm going get Switch when Bayonetta 3 releases. Having these 3 games is already a good reason to get a Switch but having Super Mario Odyssey, Zelda: BotW, and Mario Kart 8 with an upcoming new Metroid game certainly made the decision much easier.

_-EDMIX-_336d ago

Lol I just borrowed Bayonetta 2 and a Wii U from a friend to complete it a few years back.

I_am_Batman336d ago

That's one way of doing it. If I knew someone with a Wii-U I might have played the game already. For me it's still preferable to own the console and game for replay purposes though.

remixx116336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

I had a wiiu and never touched bayo 2. Ill definitely grab it when i grab my switch.

gamer7804336d ago

"Bayonetta 2 Is Too Good To Have Stayed Buried On The Nintendo". there fixed it...

ChickeyCantor336d ago

Yeah, stay mad at the only company that wanted a healthy relationship with Planitum for the franchise.

gamer7804336d ago

Unfortunately we don't know that. We only know Sega didn't and Nintendo gave an offer.

remixx116336d ago (Edited 336d ago )

Well ninty did kinda save the game from dying...

They could have pulled a mucrosoft and cancel their platinumgames project like scalebound

ChickeyCantor336d ago

>Unfortunately we don't know that. We only know Sega didn't and Nintendo gave an offer.

With Sega still being the copyright owner Nintendo was the only one to share owner ship. It's very likely that Sony or any MS wouldn't even think about funding it because of that.

gamer7804336d ago

Again that is conjecture outside of the facts we know.