Amazon discounts PlayStation VR bundles by up to 50% off

Amazon has discounted the PlayStation VR Headset + Camera Bundle to $199.99 and PlayStation VR Skyrim Bundle to $349.99.

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Kribwalker239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Make it $100 and maybe i’ll be interested in giving it a go. I won’t feel as bad if i don’t like it if it was $100 instead of $200. I’d be mad if i bought it at launch tho. 1/2 price in 16 months.....

radiantmind13239d ago

Your missing out man, I Use my PSVR everyday. It is now my go to way of gaming. In fact I have not played a Flat game since I got it during the Black Friday deal last year.

Death239d ago

What could you possibly be playing that you haven’t played “flat” games in months?

radiantmind13239d ago

@Death Been playing a lot of Skyrim lately as I never beat the main quest when it came out, just did now. A lot of multiplayer games like Starblood Arena, Arizona Sunshine, and Sport bar VR with my brother. Hell just playing skeeball for the tickets to unlock new headpieces is fun, but mostly pool in that. Driveclub VR, and of course SuperHot, that is seriously the best game I have ever played! You really feel like Neo from the Matrix in that one. I tried to play a flat game once after, but I kept looking around but all I saw was my bedroom lol.

Goldby238d ago

i love superhot VR.

its john wick simulator.

Sam Fisher239d ago

Honestly i feel at e3 thell drop it alot since sony loves doing sales on e3 day. And knowing they making a better one at that would highly possible

TheRealHeisenberg239d ago

Drop PSVR to $1 and I'm all in.

rpgenius420239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Buy it at Wal-Mart try it out. If you don't like it you have 14 days to return it and get a full refund.

mkis007239d ago

I don't feel bad as I got to play it really isn't an issue if you want to play all the games you can. My hobby isn't cheap.

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EricLane239d ago

BS. It is $250 for bundle with camera.

dripdrop30239d ago

I'm honestly considering picking one up, especially for the temporary price drop. But the problem is I have VERY thick frame glasses (I'm legally blind). I want to invest so bad, but i'm worried I wont get any use. Help?

Death239d ago

PSVR works fine with glasses. It is very comfortable as well. If you are unsure you can probably demo it somewhere.

TFJWM239d ago

Glasses work fine my hair on the other hand prevents me from using it

TFJWM237d ago (Edited 237d ago )

Not sure what the disagrees are from I have an afro and i have to put a belt over my head to keep it from moving...

JackBNimble239d ago

It's designed to be used with glasses if you need them.

GoldeneyeOO7239d ago

Either find a used or open box headset at a game store and ask to try them on or find a Best Buy that has a PSVR demo kiosk set up. I went to Best Buy to try it out to see if it would give me motion sickness... it didn't and I bought a set the following weekend.

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TheDreamCorridor239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

When I played PlayStation VR for the first time, I thought to myself, “This feels like what gaming has been leading up to.”

Death239d ago

Until you start to realize the limitations VR has. The immersion is excellent, but the lack of mobility tears you away. PSVR is nice, but the tracking is terrible. Even with high end VR, the lack of content makes it hard to justify.

Loktai239d ago

The tracking works fine in most rooms. I use it without incident

G20WLY239d ago

Lack of content? What nonsense! 😂

mkis007239d ago

This is just the beginning, everything needs a beginning...we started at pong remember?

mcstorm238d ago

Mkis007 I agree with you on this but I feel vr is just going to go the same way as 3D. OK it's really good for some games but most games are better on a big TV. Also a lot of people don't want to sit in there front room / bedroom with a headset on. People want to interact with other people or use streaming services with a camera and more. Vr dose not do well on this side. Don't get me wrong vr is amazing for some things but the same games work on a normal TV as well as every other game that dose not work in vr.

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ILostMyMind239d ago

Damn, americans! Buy it. It is unbelievable expensive where i live.

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