The Steam Sale Has Arrived and I Already Want It to Leave

This week marks the beginning of another Steam sale. Yes, you read that correctly, a Steam sale. What’s the occasion, you ask? Well, it just so happens to be the year of the dog. The what, sorry? The Year of the Dog, I said. Isn’t that cause for celebration? Well, not really.

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cephas33339d ago

Ah, the journalist who gets his games by free codes writing an article complaining about the average consumer getting a few bucks off during steam sales. Keep up the great work pal the check is in the mail.

Takwin337d ago

Who is the audience for this article? I won't even give it a click, because it isn't me. I like to pay less for the games I enjoy or hope to enjoy, and this entitled journalist has forgotten that his audience doesn't get games for free.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI336d ago

Game journalists are the audience I guess? Pretty bad choice of audience given that half of them barely know how to write, let alone read.

ClanPsi1336d ago

Use of the word "journalist" in this case is WAY too generous.

SegaGamer338d ago

A rant complaining about frequent sales? This article is tripe.

morganfell337d ago

Now ask who approved this.

Elwenil337d ago

I have a real issue with articles that can be approved by only one or two people. Especially when neither of those people participate on the site, they are just here to generate clicks for their sites. N4G has gone from a place for gamers to get news to a site for random site owners to farm for clicks. The sheer number of shill accounts just to approve articles has got to be staggering.

morganfell337d ago


Much agreed. Years ago there was a system for downvoting trash click sites. At first it functioned somewhat though I am unsure as to how well. I never witnessed a real impact. Then it stopped having an effect though you could still downvote sites. Finally they removed the illusion altogether. N4G itself is only interested in clicks. Removing the number of contributing sites would affect their overall traffic. It is merely business. The risk for them is if another newsboiler site appears there will not sense of loyalty to N4G for they have not built a cohesive community. Once people begin to bleed away it will be too late to do something at that point.

Elwenil337d ago

Sounds like it's a good time for some competition to introduce itself. ;D

Lon3wolf337d ago

Is it April 1st already?

TedCruzsTaint337d ago

Only issue I see is the writer being an overly opinionated baby.

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The story is too old to be commented.