Xbox One X Won’t Be Held Back By Lack of Exclusives, Says The Vanishing of Ethan Carter Developer

The Xbox One X is a great piece of hardware engineering, and a huge step up over the base Xbox One.

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GottaBjimmyb335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Whether this guy statements ends up being accurate or not (I believe not) I certainly hope this is not the sentiment Microsoft has about it's console, otherwise I feel they may find out they guessed a little wrong.

SuperSonic91334d ago

The biggest software company in the world doesn't have enough exclusive software on thwir hardware..... why?

Godmars290334d ago

"Business" software. PC business and application software to be exact.

andibandit334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

The article is titled a bit misleading, problably to trigger people.

Anyhow, the dev is talking about how a game must support all xbox models(basemodel, xbox1 s, xbox1x), vs
Just supporting xbox1x,

And if that fact could be a hindrance for the xbox1x

XiNatsuDragnel335d ago

Lying isn't good Wii U called

Lennoxb63335d ago

There is no one thing that makes a console successful. Even exclusives. Cause last I checked, the Wii had more exclusives than both the 360 and PS3. So power, exclusives, new tech, etc, doesn't guarantee you a win in the gaming industry.

ReBurn335d ago (Edited 335d ago )

Wii sold over 100 million units. If it also had the most exclusives then I'm not quite sure what point you are trying to make. Is it that strongest hardware doesn't always win?

Lennoxb63335d ago


Like I said before, there is no one advantage that guarantees you success. Nintendo has also had the strongest console (Wii U) and still failed. How is it that the most powerful console with the most iconic franchises in gaming fail? Cause their is no magic bullet to success.

S2Killinit335d ago

Well its kind of silly to say “xbox wont be held back by lack of exclusives” is it not? I mean it ALREADY is held back by it, as evidenced by the sales.

capjacksparrow334d ago

How was Wii U the strongest console? I'm just confused by the logic, sorry. I enjoyed the Wii U, but the PS4 and XBO were far more powerful.

Godmars290334d ago

Quantity as well as quality is what matters.

Gaming_Guru334d ago

True not one thing guarantees a win, but lacking in power, exclusives, and or features creates a greater probability of losing.

Exclusives create incentives, multiplats creates unity, and features create new ways to enhance gaming.

combatcash334d ago

@S2KILLINIT. IMO it's not the lack of exclusives that's holding it back in sales. IMO it was the initial higher price point. PlayStation had always had a very loyal fan base, the only reason the ps3 struggled was due to the higher price point. It eventually caught up to the 360. The Xbox one had quite a few exxlusives, but their base wasn't buying them. IMO many of them were pretty good, I think PS4 gamers are more concerned about the lack of Xbox exclusives than the people who actually own one.

Lennoxb63334d ago


The Wii U was more powerful than the PS3 and 360.

Bhai334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

@ Lennoxb63 ,
It isn't difficult man, ONLY the industry-winning and defining exclusives matter... ONLY!
Neither hardware prowess, nor sh!tty, repetitive exclusives matter...

Quantum Break, The Order 1886, Ryse, Until Dawn, Halo Wars, Ori etc. ARE NOT industry defining exclusives...

But! Uncharteds, Sot Colossus, Horizon, god of War, Spiderman, Nier, Street Fighter, Yakuzas etc. actually ARE what makes one get a console for... and XB1X has NONE of that charm :D ;)

Lennoxb63334d ago (Edited 334d ago )


Well then you'd have to explain how Mario, Zelda, Donkey, etc failed on the most powerful console at the time (Wii U). Those are some of the most iconic franchises of all time. Not to mention that they had; while limited, 3rd party support.

Dragonscale334d ago

Nothing to do with exclusive content my a55. Still salty, still downplaying. So long as ms and their fans keep thinking that xbox will remain in last place.

kreate334d ago

For a console to be successful, it needs strong first party and simultaneously have a strong 3rd party support.

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FallenAngel1984335d ago

An iterative console shouldn’t have exclusives in the first place

343_Guilty_Spark335d ago

It can have whatever they decide it should have.

zeuanimals334d ago

Whatever they decide they should have... Damn. You're in too deep son, how much are they paying you? Lol. You're implying that you'd be okay with anything they do, and they've tried to do a lot.

The reason this can be a problem is because of the mass confusion it'll cause when parents buy their kids games that don't work on the console that all the other games work for. They're gonna have to be really clever with how they market and display these games otherwise they could be getting into some bad territory. Plus, the Xbox One X isn't so much more powerful than its predecessor that it can play games that the original can't. Sure, graphical quality and performance may not be equal between the two versions but they'll still both run. The only reason they should force this is if they get into the VR game themselves. The original Xbox One will not be able to handle VR, but the One X definitely can.

Atticus_finch334d ago

343 Are you coming out as a sheep?

trooper_334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Sure, it can have whatever they decide it should have because fans are too stubborn to admit the console is lacking true exclusives.

Prince_TFK335d ago

But there is no rule that state it cannot have it own exclusive though. Just a bunch of people here make their own minds up about what it should or shouldn’t have.

Lokii334d ago

Ms said. Not people here. But then again ms are the masters at spinning.

TheCommentator334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

@ Lokii

Speaking of spinning, how's Sony doing with PSVR right now? They sold you guys hook, line, and sinker when many of us here told you "make.believers" that Sony was going to fool you again.

Like they spun it when they released Eye Toy, Move, and Vita. Like they spun it when they sold prototype PS2's and lied until a class action lawsuit proved otherwise. Like they spun it when they said during the launch of the PS3 that as long as there were a Playstation it would be BC, made fun of MS for not including it, then used the same excuse as MS when they decided to remove it from their successful BluRay player... I mean PS3. Sorry, I know it was more than a BluRay player because I listened to people brag about "folding at home" while their games line up looked "sparse" in 2007.

Don't be a tool. Both companies are $#!+ in their own ways, but PS4 has more candy coating (1st party games) on theirs so it's easier to swallow for most people.

rainslacker334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

I think most people commenting aren't realizing that this was about exclusive to the x within the x1 platform. Like if Sony released a game that only played on the pro, but not the base ps4. Or xenoblade chronicles in the n3ds.

He's not referring to platform exclusives like we have now, which I would say the lack of high profile exclusives Is holding back sales of the x1 in general.

Godmars290334d ago

The issue is that 1) post OG Xbox has given no priority to exclusives unless its 3rd party DLC, and 2) They've come to favor - only be concerned about - online community themed multiplayer games under the apparent idea that one person will bring their friends into Xbox gaming. If MS were taking a more diverse approach in game types, there would be far less arguing going on here.

"Speaking of spinning, how's Sony doing with PSVR right now?"

Struggling, but likely doing better than one, if not all combined, VR provider on PC? Hell, VR on phones is likely doing best than all other which is likely the biggest laugh of all.

TheCommentator334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Yeah Rain, I know, but I had to point some things out. Lokii seems to think no one else spins things when it's pretty much the industry standard for companies, both 1st and 3rd, to do. As far as X1 exclusives goes? I don't see OG getting abandoned until at least the next iteration of Xbox launches.


I can agree that VR in general has largely become a curiosity at this point. I'm just surprised at how many people really thought it would go somewhere. I also agree that MS needs more 1st party diversity to become competitive.

Godmars290333d ago

My general thought was that "theater" view in VR would be like having a 30 foot screen all to yourself. Instead its more like 8 inches if you're lucky. Meanwhile gaming in nothing by free-floating shooters.

And MS contribution to that was to heavily hint that their VR/AR efforts included their consoles.

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coolastheycome335d ago

Which I why I reuse to buy an Xbox one x or a PS4 Pro

Belinker300335d ago

1 thing that can hold is back is lack of developer support and optimisation for third party games.Some even enhanced for the Xbox One X show little difference to the PS4 Pro and in the case of Monster Hunter,Gravel are worse

Eldyraen335d ago

Sadly true, but I’m still playing MH on my X anyways. Exceptions suck for sure but most of the time X will see better results when Devs actually try. Hdr is apparently iffy due to how the two systems achieve it though.

starchild335d ago

There's no excuse for crap like that happening. Fortunately, just like on the PC, the vast majority of the time multiplats will look and perform better on stronger hardware.

paintedgamer1984335d ago

The xb1x IS a great piece of hardware engineering, and a huge step over the base xb1, but it needs to find its identity and quick. I chuckle to myself when i listen to some of these pro xbox podcasts and they state, "MS must come out with a new console when Sony does". They honestly want a new console in 2019 or 2020 2-3 years after the X. MS should have released the X either instead of the slim or shortly after with the ps4pro. Had they released the X instead of the xb1s... there would be no reason for parity or anything like that and they could truely had xb1x exclusives.

Eldyraen335d ago

I’m perfectly fine upgrading to a new Xbox in ‘19-20. The same way I’ll pick up a new PS around the same time after buying a Pro. I’d assume PS might be first however simply due to “mid gen upgrade” being released sooner, although it doesn’t mean it’s a perfect halfway mark for either one.

CantHealz335d ago

you may be but vast majority of parents out there are going to wonder why they are spending another 400-600$ on a console when they just spend 500$ on one 2 years ago... MS will have a tricky time trying to tell consumers why they need the next generation Console when they have the X out there.... Sony did it right with the PS4 pro. Just powerful enough to put out 4k, and when the next gen hits their next console will be true 4k and probably more powerful than the X. MS having spent millions of dollars on developing the X now has to turn around and make an even more powerful on is a shorter timespan than Sony.

Kavorklestein334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

@can't healz
Maybe the plan is to have Xb1X be compatible with Nextbox games, just with lesser fidelity?
The upgrade pipeline could just shuffle thru with older devices getting the same games, just with lesser fidelity and newer devices getting further enhancements?
IMO, this might be a good idea in the sense that maybe nobody is truly REQUIRED to upgrade as we have done in the past... no excessive spending on hardware unless one CHOOSES to do so.

That is actually comforting in more than one way... Sales wise, Xbox could perhaps start next gen with a 40+ mil install base and also have extra cherries on top and bells/whistles for those who DO decide to upgrade.

This might actually reduce Remasters during the next phase and add additional value to being a part of the the xbox ecosystem.
Meanwhile, Sony and Nintendo could stay traditional and cut off past gen users by releasing new hardware with exclusive games, and MS might try an approach of forward and backward compatibility that actually gets users Closer to PC gaming just with different spec levels for each gen's machines, with the added benefit of increased fidelity for people who upgrade, and also sustaining the status quo of far less hackers/modders/cheaters or pirates that only a CLOSED system-like a console- can provide.

I mean, I'm purely being 'what if' about all this... not really serious or even really doing anything besides being open minded to the possibilities the future might hold.... but before people get too cray cray... please remember, my 'what ifs' are no more outlandish than those who say xbox is on the verge of leaving the gaming industry altogether.

If anything, MS might be able to bolster TRUE forward and backward compatibility as a strong suit in a way that eliminates money being wasted on hardware unless a ________ gamer decides to do so.

That, to me, would be more valuable than resetting my library in the name of "new" or "next gen" and would SURELY make MS some real fuckin money.

I know it's not realistic to think my idea is anywhere near "reality" but my idea is WAY fuckin better and much more fair and respectful to our wallets than pretty much ANYTHING Sony, Nintendo, or MS's ideas have given us lately aside from MS's BC, Ea Access, and game pass.

Kavorklestein334d ago (Edited 334d ago )


A sidenote and thought to consider: We may have a conundrum approaching soon If Sony suddenly decides backwards compatibility matters in the next gen, because it would mean they lied this entire gen about it. And it would mean they ONLY stuck to the lie for profit/sales/ps now rentals.
They started the PS2 AND PS3 off with a great idea to have BC, and suddenly said: nobody cares or uses it. They removed it for potential PROFIT and nothing else, IMO.

They wanna sell remasters, new consoles, ps2 games that SHOULD be free to owners of the games because the ps4 is fully capable of running the games off disc etc... and they want people to disregard their corporate greed.
And people have confirmed that it is not only okay, but that they will attack devices that offer incentives like BC OR EA Access.

Now this is Not to say Sony is bad.
They have a business to run.
I get it.

The difference is, I would rather we all call it like it is, instead of simply being "anti- _______whateverthefuck" because it makes someone feel good.

I have no Idea what any company has planned, I do not claim to have some special knowledge, but as far as logic is concerned all systems have pros and cons to ownership, and popular opinion is only part of the myriad of factors to consider when deeming a device as "the best" for a particular individual.

Different strokes, 50 shades of grey, opinions etc...
It goes Nintendo, then Sony, then MS in terms of 1st party offerings.

It goes MS, Sony, Nintendo, in just about every other aspect.

But, as long as we as gamers can enjoy the games and not feel taken advantage of, who really cares what my opinion is?

rainslacker334d ago (Edited 334d ago )

Sony's doing quite well though, so it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that they might ride the generation longer to increase profits.

It's not like devs are begging for new hardware yet. Many still have years left for their current

Sony might do it sooner if Xbox starts.picking up steam. But they still have to decide a year or so before.the announcement, so it's not going to be hugely dependant on ms.

Id.rather Sony do.what they feel best for a new console, rather than having them try to maneuver for position based on whatever ms.may do

Godmars290334d ago


If Sony panicked with the PS3 when the PS2 possessed the lead and market it had, made the mistakes they did at the time, similarly blinked with the Pro, the PS5 is coming out around the time of the Nextbox.

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