DreamsPS4 Shows Ingenious Methods of DreamShaping During The Kareem Dreams Stream

New Media Molecule community manager, Tom, makes an appearance during the Kareem Dreams Stream. Dreams monthly livestreams are back, and Kareem reveals some of the tools plus new info. - ImpSpace

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UCForce2345d ago

This game is something else. I really like it.

masterfox2345d ago (Edited 2345d ago )

Is really amazing how smooth the transitions between objects and the environment movement is while looking at such degree of detail, is hell impressive!, also the upcoming game Concrete Genie is very unique and impressive!, as always Playstation brand pushing the boundaries in gaming and this is because also the freedom developers get to create their games.

Atticus_finch2344d ago

Nice! I really like what I see.


Conscript Review - Real-Life Horror That's Not Easy to Stomach - Last Word On Gaming

Survival horror and World War I provide quite the uneasy combination. Find out why in this review of indie historical horror "Conscript."

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Rockstar almost ported 2 classics for Nintendo, and they’re not GTA

Rockstar Games' The Warriors tie-in game and Bully almost landed on Nintendo handhelds, but the GTA 6 devs never got them off the ground.

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OtterX10h ago

Bully would have been a great one for portable. I would have bought it.


Random: Hideo Kojima Highlights The 21st Anniversary Of 'Boktai' On GBA

No sunlight that day, apparently.

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OtterX3d ago

They should release it on NSO's GBA lineup. The Switch has a light sensor afterall! (Switch Lite owners would be out of luck though)

Chocoburger2d ago (Edited 2d ago )

I don't think games would be able to 'hook into' the light sensor for automatic screen brightness.
The best way to play the game is with the fan patch that lets you adjust the amount of light the game is receiving at will. Make sure not to play at max sunlight for too long, or the game will punish you, keep the sunlight meter lowered in order to keep playing longer.