Spyro The Dragon PS4 Remake - 5 Essential Fixes And New Features

Opinion: Fix this stuff, and this new stuff and we'll get a great new Spyro Trilogy.

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paintedgamer19841220d ago

Im not the slightest bit worried after playing crash and sotc. Sony know how to do remakes, and remasters justice. Im actually willing to bet spyro like sotc will be a much better made game than the orig. Im curious what game that remake next.

Profchaos1220d ago

For better or worse Sony isn't involved in the remakes they are completed by Activision

Newmanator1220d ago

Correct this is all Activision

paintedgamer19841220d ago

This is just speculation but seeing as its comming to playstation first, some type of exchange happened between sony and ea ($$) and at that point sony may have had some type of demands for the game. Im just wondering what they had to do (pay) to keep spyro exclusive for 1 year.

Silly gameAr1220d ago


What does EA have to do with this? It's also probably best not to treat speculation like it's fact.

SuperSonic911220d ago

You are very wrong.
Sony has rules when it comes to third party remasters and remasters on PlayStation.
Remember Mega Man Legends?

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Profchaos1220d ago

I'm very excited for a Spyro remaster however if like it as close to original as possible just revamp the graphics any changes would probably detract to much also keeping any glitches would be a nice touch but not mandatory

Nebaku1220d ago

Fix #1 - Actually make a fun game that doesn't rely on a good character design to sell it to unware kids.