Monster Hunter World: What Weapons are Best for Beginners?

One of the first things you’ll notice stepping into the New World is that each of the game’s 14 weapons are available for immediate use. While that may seem like a gift, what you’ll come to find is that every weapon type has a learning curve, some far more complex than others. If you’re just getting started in Monster Hunter World, it’s very easy to get turned off by picking the wrong weapon.

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UCForce241d ago (Edited 241d ago )

Well for beginners, sword and shield and bow are very accessible. Mine beginning weapon was Charge Blade and it wasn’t easy to use especially how slow is it.

TheGamersGhost241d ago

I really haven’t put down the bow since I started using it. Keep saying that I will...

UCForce241d ago

Hey ! It’s your choice.

UCForce241d ago

Now i’m using a long sword.

Thatguy-310240d ago

Bow and Charge Blade are the two main weapons that I use. I Love the long distance combat that the bow offers also it's easy to use the environment in your favor with the arrows.

joab777239d ago

Started with charge blade and moved to switch axe because I just never use the shield. So much fun though.

babadivad239d ago (Edited 239d ago )

Switch Axe is BEASTLY. I main the bow, but when a monster REALLY pisses me off, I go back to the chest, grab my Switch Axe, and bludgeon the living shit out of it.

babadivad239d ago

Bow and 'sword and shield' are viable end game weapons.

FinalFantasyFanatic239d ago

I started with the long blade but switched to the gun lance for something more complex and interesting to use.

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cephas33240d ago

My vote is dual blades you get DPS and mobility.

TheGamersGhost240d ago

True, true. Mobility certainly makes up for the close range.

Chaos_Order240d ago (Edited 240d ago )

I played around with a few before choosing the longsword and sticking with it. I want to take up other weapon types like the bow, but I keep coming back to the longsword because I feel so comfortable with it. XD (Charging up to LV3 helm breaker then slamming down onto the enemy's head is so satisfying)

I love how each weapon feels so different and has different controls and strategies. My brother and buddy that I play with use the greatsword and insect glaive, so we're all playing in different ways working towards the same goal. It's pretty neat!

TheGamersGhost239d ago

After playing around with all of them, I find the bow to be my favorite. But I have a love for archery, so I may be partial.

To echo your point, though, it is great how different each weapon feels. Even the Light and Heavy Bowgun are just different enough to be unique from one another.

UCForce239d ago

Mine has to be charge blade and long sword.