Xbox One 1440p Support For Xbox One S and Xbox One X To Arrive “Very Soon”

Xbox One 1440p support will be arriving soon for Xbox One preview members, Microsoft’s Xbox Partner Group Program Manager, Kevin Gammill has confirmed.

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darthv72246d ago

Well that sounds interesting for S owners.

thekhurg245d ago

It's pathetic that Sony still refuses to offer this resolution as support. Especially considering a lot of their Pro titles run at that resolution to begin with.

CyrusLemont245d ago

I believe they’ve fixed that with the recent software update by offering super sampling for 2k displays. Correct me if I’m wrong but I swore I saw that in a DF video.

Aenea245d ago

Ehmmm, that is really a weird statement to make, you make it sound like MS has already implemented it years ago and Sony has been lagging behind all this time, even tho it's still not available yet in the Xbox preview program, let alone in the regular firmware...

kevnb245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

@CyrusLemont super sampling has nothig to do with native 1440p. Most tvs wont accept 1440p, but you could always connect a console to a monitor.

FinalFantasyFanatic245d ago


I have a 1440p monitor so that resolution would be very much welcomed to me.

DarXyde244d ago

So when's the original Xbox One getting HDR support?

thekhurg244d ago

At the above defense force:

I don't care what MS is doing. I don't care what Xbox supports. I find it pathetic that Sony still hasn't offered this resolution nor have they even mentioned it would be supported.

244d ago
BigWan78244d ago


u may want to retract ur statement...
ur tryin to go full fanboy and ur statement can still be ripped to shreds

DarXyde244d ago


Am I misunderstanding you? Are you suggesting that it's unacceptable that the base PS4 does not allow for 1440p? Because I don't think it's capable of that, period. That was the purpose of my comment. Not to go "defense force", but to point out that base hardware was created without this kind of foresight for EITHER console.


You'll have to explain that one to me. I'm pretty sure the base XboxOne doesn't support HDR. I don't have a TV that supports it, but I do have an Xbox One and never came across that option.

thekhurg242d ago


My statement clearly called out PS4 Pro. Not the base PS4.

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Obscure_Observer244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

WTF? This is MAJOR! 1440p on S consoles? That´s the same resolution for 95% of all PS4 Pro enhanced titles! O.o

Sony REALLY needs to step up their game!

Gwiz244d ago

The S hasn't become more powerful all of a sudden.

244d ago
thekhurg244d ago

You're aware the S outputs at upscaled 4k right? Or are you that ignorant? They're simply adding the upscaling option to 1440p now as well.

Obscure_Observer244d ago (Edited 244d ago )


"You're aware the S outputs at upscaled 4k right? Or are you that ignorant? They're simply adding the upscaling option to 1440p now as well."

I´m well aware of that. I just think it will be sad to see comparissons and arguments between S upscaled 1440p vs Pro native 1440p versions of multiplat games. After all the Pro is supposed to be X´s competitor, right?

Or Phil Spencer could be right?

Redlife2g244d ago Show
Ben Dover244d ago Show
TheCommentator244d ago

@ Obscure Observer

Remember this?

Gwiz is right, it hasn't become more powerful all of the sudden. It has a really good upscaler to begin with. Just wait until people see how long the 1X can stay relevant after "next gen" starts, because the 1X has contemporary 2017 technology inside instead of a couple of old PS4's duct-taped together with an accelerator to run checkerboarding on.

Razmiran244d ago

Upscaled 720p will still look terrible

Cyborgg242d ago


You're so right and that's facts

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Neonridr246d ago (Edited 246d ago )

Interesting.. I don't expect too many games on the One S to be able to use that resolution natively, but nice that they are expanding at least.

Godmars290246d ago


Know what the reaction will be, but what's the point of supporting a lesser resolution than 4k? Why would such even require specific support?

porkChop246d ago

Many people game on 1440p monitors. Not everyone plays on a TV.

Godmars290245d ago

Again; 1440p is a lower resolution than 4k. Why does it need resolution support?

Sgt_Slaughter245d ago

Look at the comment below, above, and also why not? Not everyone has a 4K TV to game on. Think before you comment.

FinalFantasyFanatic245d ago


For some people that 1440p monitor is cheaper than a 4k tv, 4k is still priced at a premium, although it may not be in the next couple of years (I'm more worried that 4k content won''t catch up in time, so little choice in 4k movies). 1440p is still better than 1080 by quite a bit, I use little to no AA at that resolution (when playing PC games).

jaymacx244d ago

@Godmars290 In some games Id rather have the lower resolution if it gives me a better frame-rate. Even with the X's power, 4K is very demanding. Hopefully next gen it will be better.

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thekhurg245d ago

Because sending a 4k feed will cause the monitor to not detect the resolution, forcing the console to send a 1080p signal instead. Which in turn forces the monitor to upscale to 1440p.

Aenea245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

For the One X it makes perfect sense, downscale (supersample) anything above 1440p down to 1440p to get a nice crisp image. This means that games that have a resolution of 1440p+ will look better on a 1440p display than on a 1080p display...

Not that hard to understand...

And for the One S it causes less input lag if the console does the upscale instead of the monitor/TV...

Kribwalker245d ago

I agree with your statement

Godmars290245d ago

Just thought it was something automatically done and accounted for. No need to update months after the fact of release.

joshljr244d ago


I agree with your agreement

watchem244d ago

I play on a monitor that is 1440p because I also use it for my computer. I don't own a 4K TV.... I don't own a TV at all, so for users like me this is huge if Sony would support 1440p output for our PS4 PRO.

Lon3wolf244d ago

Same as and it makes the XOneX really tempting now, if Sony follow then I would be tempted by a Pro.

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ziggurcat246d ago

I can see this being no problem for the X, but the S and OG Xbox One? Where are they squeezing all of that extra power from? or is it just upscaling? because I can't see any games for the S or the vanilla Xbox One reaching a native 1440p.

Neonridr245d ago

I think it may only be the S that gets this mode. I guess it's since some people might be playing on PC monitors, so outputting at 1440p gives players options instead of having to run at 1080p on a 1440p monitor.

ziggurcat245d ago

I can't imagine it's anything other than a system-side upscale, though... and upscaling 900p to 1440p might look a little messy unless they have some software wizards we don't know about.

Neonridr245d ago

meh.. I mean we have some games that are upscaled to 2160p from much lower resolutions and they look ok. I am sure it would be fine.

PUBG245d ago

For Xbox One S, I've heard people suggest that this might only be useful for video play-back, but I guess we wont find out until after the update.

Aenea245d ago

Monitor/TV that has to do an upscale can cause a slight input lag, it's always preferable the console itself does it, so this is a good thing even for the One S!

Aenea245d ago (Edited 245d ago )

Without this mode on the One S the Xbox will send a 1080p image to the 1440p monitor which then has to upscale it. This will cause some lag.

If the One S does it itself it won't cause lag. Especially if a game is <1080p and already had to upscale to 1080p it can now straight up upscale to 1440p...

fathertime4464245d ago

It's upscaling. The s upscaled to 4k

ILostMyMind244d ago

This has nothing to do with "native resolution", especially in games.

jznrpg244d ago

OG Xbox users get nothing, no hdr no 1440p

rainslacker244d ago

It just means that the output will be 1440. Likely through upscaling. Output and render resolution don't have to be the same. The x1x could potentially do native 1440 rendering if the display is set for that though

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GtPawnSacrifices245d ago

Will this mean that 21:9 ultra wide displays will be supported? (To games that offer them that is. ie; Skyrim, Titanfall2 etc)