Kingdom Come Deliverance PS4 review | WASDuk

WASDuk writes:"To compare Kingdom Come Deliverance to Skyrim does a disservice to both"


Games to play while waiting for Dragon's Dogma 2

Here are some great action role-playing video games to play while waiting for the highly anticipated Dragon’s Dogma 2.

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"Kingdom Come: Deliverance" has just kicked-off its fifth-anniversary festivities

"Warhorse Studios and Prime Matter are celebrating the 5th anniversary of critically acclaimed historical action RPG - "Kingdom Come: Deliverance" - with the launch of a new trailer and addition of two new fully synchronised language packs for PC versions of the game: Czech and Japanese." - Warhorse Studios and Prime Matter.

Silly Mammo222d ago (Edited 222d ago )

Interesting story. Played the game around the time it came out and I was terrible with the bow. When I got my PS5, I started playing it again and this time... I still sucked at shoot. Not as interesting a story as I thought.

Viryu222d ago

Great game, I've spent several hours with it, but the save system killed it after a while, I couldn't bring myself to complete it after having to repeat same long sequences without being able to save. If they were to update it on PS to add save-anywhere function than I'd gladly replay it.

TGG_overlord221d ago

Far points imo, but from what I understand, the game is pretty patched-up and soild in the current year. That's a great idea! So I sure hope that the devs will sort it out in the end.

Sokol221d ago

I enjoyed the game for few hours but after some time the save system was too punishing for me to continue.
Hopefully they update the game with current generation and add proper save data. I would love to back into it.

Demetrius221d ago

They shoulda patched in an option to remove lockpicking I really liked this game a lot but due to lockpicking I stopped lol

MaximusTKG220d ago (Edited 220d ago )

The lock picking issues depend on when you played. Early versions were obtuse, completely unforgiving, and super hard. I played through again within the last month after beating it two years ago, and the lock picking is now dead easy. In fact it went from me having the same feelings as you into being one of my favorite activities.

Yui_Suzumiya221d ago

Still waiting for the Switch version of this game

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Six Best Historically Accurate Games

GF365: "Out of the many historically accurate games out there, these are our picks for the six best games that are historically accurate. While these games aren't completely accurate, they depict the times and situations of history well. Plus, they're all a lot of fun to play, too."

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jznrpg295d ago

Historically accurate from the past is tough to truly know and judge especially the farther you go back because history is written from the people in power and doesn’t mean it’s the truth just the narrative they wanted to tell.

I don’t care about historically accurate in most games because they are games not biographies or history books . Just make the game fun , good gameplay and such .

Ghost of Tsushima wasn’t historically accurate in many things but I loved the game . Many examples like it .