PSN Flash Sale! Save on Uncharted 4, Overwatch GOTY and More

Head over to PlayStation Store this weekend for savings up to 70%.

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TheDreamCorridor244d ago

Titanfall 2: Ultimate Edition for $9.99!?


joab777244d ago

Exactly what I was gonna post. Best deal! And I haven't played it yet! Which is rare.

SuperSonic91244d ago (Edited 244d ago )

Got it gud in a flash and havin a blast!
No self respectng gamer can resist that!

Same with Desin Second Son for $8!

Best Flash sale ever in history!
I hope Sony can top this.

Uncharted4 $20
FF XV $20
Mighty No 9
Super Meat Boy $1.5? take that Switch
RE games at $5

Who needs Game Pass if you have these insane flash sales?

slate91243d ago

*reads last sentence* wut

AlphaTrion187243d ago

Uhhhh no on switch ur paying for portability good day use come sense next time

ragnalamb243d ago


Its practically free on Vita if portability you seek.

YodaCracker243d ago

Amazing how Mass Effect: Andromeda is already under $10. How far that series has fallen.

KH3UltimateFan243d ago

One of the better sale this year. Most have been terrible.

akaFullMetal243d ago

I'm going to need a bigger hdd....sigh : )