Xbox One X Contest: Limited Edition Air Jordan III Inspired Consoles

The Free Throw Line Xbox One X pays homage to the unforgettable dunk by Michael Jordan in 1988. The Black Cement Xbox One X is inspired by the sneakers with all the same detailing which made these, considered by many, the greatest sneakers of all-time, and the Tinker Xbox One X showcases Tinker Hatfield’s original design for what the shoe was going to be.

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paintedgamer1984337d ago

No offense, but these things are ugly af.

Obscure_Observer336d ago

I think the white one is cool.


Takes a "special" person to want one of these...... Was picking up my pizza one day to only over hear the guy behind the counter talking to his "little cousin" who's ten years old about their Jordan's. Like it was a status quo that they had them... Forget the idea that you're making minimum wage at a pizza place, but the idea that someone needs to spend hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes takes a special person.

Special as the people who are going to want these hideous looking systems...

BigWan78336d ago

ur comments lets me know that u are a complete hater...

u went on a complete diatribe over a contest prize...

this cost you nothing, so pay it no mind


No not quite.... Actually I'm the complete opposite, but thank you for your concern. I think it's totally legit to wonder why it is someone at a particular pay scale can afford things like $150+ shoes. Not to mention that "this" particular person is also making it aware to a youngster that you need to have these things in life.

Being branded is seriously a sickness it would seem for some. The same people who'd most likely shoot you over your shoes.....

I bet you don't agree with school uniforms either.... Even though there's factual studies that show it helps to mitigate "dumb" people and their "differences.....!"

MetroidFREAK21337d ago

I want this so I can just to sell it to a person obsessed with the Jordan brand for a profit

MetroidFREAK21336d ago

just sell it* I have no idea how the "to" before sell got in there... stupid phone... haha

BigWan78336d ago

consoles look smooth... good luck to the participants out there