Xbox 360 head wrong - Blu-ray doing just fine

Recently, Xbox 360 product manager, Aaron Greenberg, indicated in an interview that the Blu-ray is not the future. He also goes on to take stabs at Sony for some of its decisions regarding the PS3.

Apparently, analysts and vendors are in fact stating that the Blu-ray is definitely no DVD; in fact according to them it is actually doing much better than the DVD did back 11 years ago.

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sonarus3658d ago

Thats enough N4G for one day. I'll be back when there is real news

Breakfast3658d ago

Thats until we fill the comment section with spam.

xbox is the best

Fishy Fingers3658d ago

I dont understand this. You moan about this "news" yet you clicked on it and proceeded to comment on it.

Doesn't interest you, dont click on it.

mikeslemonade3657d ago

PS2 didn't come out until 2 years later after DVD was first introduced and PS3 came out within months of the first blu-ray player so that should be the reason why the acceptance is about twice as big.

ReBurn3657d ago

The PS2 was not responsible for DVD's success like the PS3 has been for Blu-Ray. The first generation of PS2's had horrible DVD drives and the quality of the playback was terrible. There were many DVD's that it wouldn't even play. Remember the DRE problems?

Sony didn't release their own DVD remote until a year after the console released, and early adopters had to have a memory card to store the updated DVD drivers so that they could watch many movies. It also didn't support progressive scan until much later than most standalone DVD players.

Sony did it right with the PS3, making the remote available from the start. They learned a lot from the early PS2 problems.

Karum3657d ago

You mean you'll be back when there's another anti blu-ray article right?


prunchess3657d ago

The article on that site makes some valid points, maybe you'd like to address them?

Sarcasm3657d ago

"We believe that we shouldn’t force consumers to pay for things they don’t want"

It should read instead

"We believe that we shouldn’t force consumers to pay for things they don’t want, we just force them to pay for things they do NEED like our $99 wifi, and over priced HDDs, and xbox live"

dcbronco3657d ago

Once again Mike Ferro proves he's a complete fanboy Ass Clown. While Blu-ray may have had 17% of the disc sales on one title, the rest of the Blu-ray titles sold next to nothing. With most of the top twenty selling less than 5,000 disc.

While UMD is only a PSP format, the PSP continues to sell well while most studios won't make movies for UMD anymore. The studios that do, release only some movies on the format. And even Sony is rumored to be moving away from UMD on the next PSP.

And while he keeps pushing Blu-ray on the 360, Blu-ray is a major factor in the Sony's move from first to third place with little hope of moving up. So it would be really smart for Microsoft to jump in that sinking ship. So while you say it's nickel and diming, I say it's not forcing overly expensive products on your customers. I don't want Blu-ray or HD DVD. I refuse to over pay. And guess who is nickel and diming you more than anyone? The studios. They bring out a new format every time the previous one becomes less lucrative.

Lastly, let's address the Singulus point. You and the stupid analyst are stating that Blu-ray is doing better because Singulus had 4 more machines ordered than DVD at the same point in their lives. Gee, let's think about that. In DVDs second year you played DVDs on..... a DVD player. There was no Xbox or PS2, just DVD players. And even when they released, some of the games still came on CDs. Also, there were not as many studios and not all of the studios there were participated in making DVD movies. Besides Warner, if I remember correctly, most were only doing some of their movie or just starting to do movies on DVD. Disney wasn't doing DVDs at all.

Now with Blu-ray, Sony forced blu-ray on you with the PS3 and bought off most of the studio support from day one. At this point home movies are by far the leading income generator for the studios unlike when DVD came in. More than 40% of what the studios make on movies comes from DVD. So Blu-ray came into a market with the table set for it. But all it can do is sell 4 more machines. You call that successful?

Mikeslemonade, you're exactly right. If DVD had complete studio support from day one and a consoles that used the disc, it would have need far more than 21 machines.

IcarusOne3657d ago

If you consider 3% of the market to be just fine.

Look at the sweeping trends moving us toward all things digital. Blu-ray needs at least five years to catch on. Downloadable media is only going to get more and more prevalent. I'm officially advising my friends NOT to switch over to Blu-ray. Stick with DVD a little longer. The era of HD downloads is at hand.

Genesis53657d ago

Well if you consider .5% for DD catching on. You might need a math lesson.

Hey where does Greenberg get his inside information from? Bruceongames perhaps.

prunchess3657d ago

your willing to pay all the additional cost involved with Direct Downloads just to push the console of your choice? Would you rather delete a game from your hard drive once you've finished it or would you rather trade it in for something new?

You have a new format available, that if integrated into a model 360 would give this machine an extra edge. Just think of all the uncompressed data that it could hold.

MS want Direct Downloads, they stand to make the most money from it. Personally I would always prefer a disk over data. I bought Warhawk on disk and Gran Turismo. As long as disk is available, I will purchase the disk version.

Blu Ray is the future, my fellow gamers. Give up the hate and embrace it.

Patrick3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

He is right. The 360 doesn't need a Blu-ray drive. If you 360 fans don't want one.. thats ok.. Blu-ray isn't hinging on your acceptance. It doesn't NEED you. They would love to include you in enjoying HD movies in all their glory but it is successful and will continue to be so, without you. The world doesn't evolve around you. FACT is Blu-ray is taking off faster than DVD and is doing well. Sure the prices are high compared to current DVD prices.. but why wouldn't it be. Do you really expect companies to spend money making something better and then sell it for the same price as the lesser quality product? That just delusional fanboy thinking. But prices will come down more. Blu-rays will continue to sell. DVD will be around for a while still but thats not unusual. Point is, The Future really is Blu with or without you. Sorry to break it to you.

Stubacca3657d ago

I take it you DON'T have a Blu-Ray player then? You obviously know nothing about High Definition either. Blu-Rays are the way forward. In just 5 months, we've seen them triple the retailer acceptance and reach millions of consumers.

Currently, Blu-Rays and Sky HD are the only ways to make proper use of a HD TV (which is the only type of television most companys manufacture these days). People spend thousands of pounds on HDTVs and a Blu-Ray player (PS3 or otherwise) is the only real option for people who think quality counts.

"They bring out a new format every time the previous one becomes less lucrative." -Obviously. Otherwise we'd all be watching VHS and listening to Vinyl.

My problem is that you are the ultimate fanboy. You claim that Sony PUSHED Blu-Ray on the consumers. Not really. If you don't want Blus, don't buy them. At least Sony gave us a choice. M$ have called the shots for all their little fanboys like yourself. If I was you, I'd be furious at M$ for not giving their dedicated and loyal fanbase the choice of physical HD medium. 50gb for movies and games.

If you're not bothered about it, then don't worry. Don't get involved in the D revolution. But for me, I now know I'll Never buy a 360 (not even the elite) because it'll never be a truly HD system.

Go play your X-Box Arcade on a SDTV. I'll stick with my mighty Blu-Ray collection on my 1080p Viera.

DaTruth3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

When your XBOX 720 red rings on you, do you think it's gonna come back with all your movies and games on it. All your movies and games will be wiped from the drive and don't expect them to give you seven extra downloads like PSN store.

@stubacca: I was just at Walmart today and even they don't sell SDTV's anymore. Everybody's gonna to buy HDTV's and not watch Hi-Def content.

Beast_Master3657d ago

You do know that for 85% of original ps2 owners, it was their first DVD player and it helped DVD to become the new media format much sooner than it did? I know for me and most of my friends it was true, and I still have my old TV in my bedroom with my PS2 hooked up as a DVD player.

JoySticksFTW3657d ago

@Reburn: PS2 was a whole lot of people's first DVD player. Was it the greatest quality? nope.

DRE and no progressive scan... but people bought it for games with the bonus of watching movies.

I always thought VHS would be good enough for me, until I bought my PS2 and borrowed a DVD from a friend. It was all over after that :)

With PS3, I work with people who only bought ther PS3's as blu-ray players (the best one for the money).

Snukadaman_3657d ago

So there was another ps3 version without blu-ray?

Electricear3657d ago

So many people here don't seem to realize that a HD download of Blu-ray quality is going to be relatively Huge, and until the world is wired to handle files that large, companies remove 250GB or less download caps and we have triple digit terabyte drives to store the stuff on HD downloads are simply not going to supplant a physical medium for anything other than limited area rental purposes.

dcbronco3655d ago

If I was a fanboy I wouldn't own any Sony products, I do. I base my decisions on facts. While I watch HD everyday, on cable(while it's not real HD, it's better than standard), I refuse to overpay for content. Blu-ray will only be for games in five years. Don't be surprised if it starts to disappear this January.

Just because people spend money on something doesn't mean it's successful. People bought Laserdisc too. They bought UMDs, Betamax, the original Divx, Mini-disc and Zip drives. Big deal.

Bringing out new formats is not always the best thing. For uninformed people, they believe CDs sound better than vinyl, not the case. Even Mini-disc have better sound than CDs. My problem is Sony making an overly expensive format. Overly expensive in every way. From making the blanks to duplicating the disc. And then they want me to pay extra just because they want a larger share of the royalties than Toshiba. I don't think so.

By the time Blu-ray prices come in line where they should be, DD will be readily available and all of the Blu-ray adopters will be buying again. Because while some people complain about the availability of broadband, more than half of America will have it at a cheap price in five years.

And Sony definitely pushed Blu-ray on people. There are very few games that need more than a DVD9. And the Blu-ray in the PS3 is too slow for games. They have to have installs just to get close to the load speeds of DVD. And what choice, buy the $500 dollar machine with missing features or the $600 machine. They both include Blu-ray. And the both cost Sony over $800 to make. So how well does that work out for Sony.

Well let's worked out so well they started to make several new models with features taken out. They added free games and movies to get people to buy consoles. They offered as many as 8 movies with each player just to get someone to buy one. I bought a DVD player for $500 the week they came out and nobody was offering anything free. Blu-ray and the Cell have sent Sony from number one to number three in one generation. And cost them billions in money they will neer recover and couldn't afford to lose. And if 50 gbs is needed so badly for games, look at PSN and tell me how many games available for download are close to 50 gbs. You're completely ignoring the evidence in your face.

So I'll wait for HD downloads. Especially considering 4k will be the new standard in the next 5-10 years. I'll continue to play my Xbox in 1080p and wait for a reasonably priced HD service. If studios had any character they would offer licensing agreements and charge a small fee for new higher quality codecs of their films. That would be no different than having accounts like Netflix except that you have the movies on your hard drive. If they make money off of rental services like Netflix, they would make it from licensing agreements. Enjoy your overpriced movies.

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Rick Astley3658d ago

Aaron Greenturd needs to die already.


I dont wish him death,I wish him torture!10 hours playing Too Human should do the trick :D !!!

FAQS3657d ago

at 1.1.
Q: what?
A: AHAHAHAHAH, that was great man! It's the most Horrible torture Ever!!!!

Narutone663657d ago

"May his armpits be infected with lice from a thousand camels".


wait you guys didnt know?

360 will Pwn in 2009.
bluray sux its the same quality as hddvd. hddvd is the future.
360 failure rate is 1%.
dvd is fine for games.

LOL. microsoft, and its fanz as a whole, are a bunch of idiots.

Pain3657d ago

M$ a never ending Cancer.

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Why o why3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

anyway he works for MS and its their culture to downplay what they dont have. Its ingrained in their being so much its almost like when MS interview you they will ask for your opinion about one of their competitors or one of their products. You answer with humility and honesty and thats a big fat X on your interview slip accompanied with a condescending 'Riiiiiiiiiight'

kratos-i-am3658d ago

No wonder the Xbox is so ugly, it probably mirrors his looks!
Though seriously what did you expect him to say? Microsoft is getting it's a** whooped on all fronts where it's second in gaming, second in browsers, second with Silverlight, second with media software (itunes), hated or disliked by consumers (I'm a pc... need I say more?), and newest OS is being rejected by business and some private consumers (IBM + other companies trying to avoid Vista + future MS operating systems by releasing their own OS), Oh and don't forget google going after their Office programs! Oh and HDDVD!
MS just wants to be the leader in something! I guess they feel providing a video download service would become as popular as itunes is with music. They need something considering even their own OS marketshare is being eroded by Linux, and Apple. lol everything they touch seems to fall apart!
Feel sorry for them as they feel like a once popular pop singer which was big in the 80s and 90s but hasn't been able to keep up!

prunchess3657d ago

They only want Digital Downloads for everyone so they can cash in on those of us that buy second hand games and movies. Just another nickle and dime move by another MS fat cat used to increase revenue and share price.

MS fanboys don't fall for this sh!t Greenberg is spouting. Tell MS that you want a disk, not some data that you download that can never be re-sold!

IcarusOne3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

When you say Xbox is 2nd in gaming, you mean it's behind the Wii, right? Because I know that no sensible, informed individual would claim the PS3 is "whooping xbox a$$" when Sony's console is dead last of the three in terms of units sold.

I'm still waiting for my PS3 to do more than just play Blu-rays and fold proteins, so I understand why you Sony flamers are so bitter. I would be - if all I had was a PS3.

Mr BlueScreen3657d ago

I don't know what you do with your ps3(if you have one) but it certainly does more then play blu-ray movies.
All I have is a ps3 and I play damn good games on it. I also surf the net, play music AND play online with my friends for FREE.
So as far as I can see, the xbox is DEAD last and the ps3 is First. As far as sales go the ps3 is still whooping the 360 butt. ;-)

Why o why3657d ago (Edited 3657d ago )

just sell it. You obviously dont buy games so just sell it. You are insignificant to sony's cause and prolly wont be missed, i hear theres a site called ebay; use it

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robotnik3658d ago

I hate his stupid smile

Rick Astley3658d ago (Edited 3658d ago )

This fat child molestor is the father of N4G member Icewake. PM him if you're gay and want tips on how to suck a penis dry. Just look at his forum signature for proof that he completely and utterly supports gay rights. Bloodmask is the leader of this Gay Movement on N4G. We must do everything we can to stop them once and for all.

Shane Kim3657d ago

bahahahah Rick please stop it, Im laughing my @ss off. :D

CliffyBee3658d ago

I love Greeny! He reassured me that both of my games were uber l337 lol.

He was wrong :( WHY CANT I MAKE A GOOD GAME??! :'( *sad*