Could Fortnite's Save The World mode be next on Epic's kill list?

Fortnite's Save The World mode isn't getting nearly as much love as Battle Royale. Is about to follow Paragon into an early grave?

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Sniperwithacause243d ago

In all fairness. The people want, what the people want!

3-4-5242d ago

The customer is always right.

rebeljoe14243d ago ShowReplies(1)
gixer243d ago

People were only paying for this for early access. The PvE mode is going free this year so the majority will be playing it then. People always prefer a freebee than having to pay for something especially when Epic made it clear it would be going free to play this year. Why waste your money?

NerdBurglars243d ago (Edited 243d ago )

Pay to get access to something in advance, to be there to witness it's evolution, and potentially have your say in how it changes. We ended paying to exclusively watch it stagnate

Aenea243d ago

If it was on an internal 'kill list' I doubt they would still be adding new things and keep making changes to things like the UI....

Goldby242d ago

Paragon when through alot of changes and you updates before it was cancelled.

A couple days before the announcement the released what would be their final patch.

Z501242d ago (Edited 242d ago )

Recently just added Valentines pve content.
I'm sure Easter/spring content is planned too.
*I'm level 46. Been playing since day one.
*After evacuate the bomb, repair the shelter, etc. What else are people expecting?

Kiknyonutz243d ago

As petty as it sounds, I don't play the Battle Royale mode because I'm so disgusted by how they've handled the Save the World supporters. I pre ordered this game, spent more then I should have on Llamas (loot crates... I know, I know....) and I guess I just expected some progress. BR seems to be a well oiled machine, getting routine updates, weapon additions, map update, 4k updates, 60FPS, a slew of overpriced cosmetics and Battle passes (~$10 every few months for additional MP unlocks), all while the PvE mode makes little progress. In fact, they recently updated PvE to nerf rewards. They don't even know when the F2P version is getting released, it's unfortunately pretty obvious that they're not as interested in PvE as they one were

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