Monster Hunter: World Xbox One players get new Street Fighter V Stickers and Gestures

Neil writes: "Hadoken! It's time for your Monster Hunter: World experience to get a whole load better as a couple of new Gestures, and one brand new Sticker Set have arrived. And you won't want to miss these!"

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Mista20181313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Lol yet Xbone doesn't have SF V on it. Microsoft set a bad precedent of buying over 3rd party exclusives (instead of producing their own games), and now Sony did it back to them (plus Sony makes their own games).

Such pity ;(

Eonjay1313d ago

its also available for the PS4.

1313d ago
Prince_TFK1313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

Yet still get upvoted.

I really wonder about this website sometimes.

coolbeans1313d ago

"Set a bad precedent," eh? Nevermind that Sony bought timed exclusivity for Tomb Raider before MS was even in the console race.

Kribwalker1313d ago

GTA 3/san andreas and vice city come to mind too

akbennyewu1313d ago Show
KillBill1312d ago

But wait we can buy it on Windows for PC. Isn't that what you guys say when a game isn't available for PS4?

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InTheZoneAC1313d ago

Lol how much did Ms pay Sony for this?

MellauxGMNG1313d ago ShowReplies(1)
Mista20181313d ago

MS paid with it's reduced relavance in the fighting scene.

Kaze241313d ago

Why would MS pay sony for anything? SF V, the so called PoS4 exclusive that couldn't sell well on it, is also on PC now and it's owned by Capcom.. Xbox has plenty of fighting games and Tekken 7>>> SFV.

zaherdab1313d ago

Maybe a teaser that the game is eventually coming to xbox one

LP-Eleven1313d ago

It isn't. Ever. Capcom made that clear a number of times already.

OT: Interesting little tidbit.

zaherdab1313d ago

I don't care really i already have it on ps4 ... even bought the collector's edition and i would happy for more people to play it but anyway ... if it's not then it's not it doesn't benefit me or hurt me in any way :) thanks for the tidbit though

Kaze241313d ago

Hope not, they can keep it, probably be on switch tho.

pwnmaster30001313d ago (Edited 1313d ago )

I seen a street fight costume announcement on the ps4 while playing monster hunter world... is this the same thing?? Tbh I literally ignored the actual message. I got the samurai costume for getting deluxe and it was trash

kenpachi1313d ago

Its on ps4 as well not exclusive to xbox

Vanfernal1313d ago

Well you can't expect much else from the Xboxhub lol. Very misleading title.

KillBill1312d ago (Edited 1312d ago )

How is it misleading? When PlayStation sites advertise similar stuff they never mention Xbox options. Why would an Xbox site mention anything about PlayStation options?

When Walmart has an item for sale should they mention it is also available at Best Buy?

Vanfernal1312d ago


Um... They don't have to mention Playstation for anything. This was released across the board. So they could've just said "Monster Hunter: World players get new Street Fighter V Stickers and Gestures". I say it's misleading cause it makes it sound like it was exclusive to the Xbox players.

Mr_Luke1312d ago

When someone says "xbox one players" it seems that only those players are getting what they're talking about. But it's not the case since it's for all the platforms. It seems an exclusive thing.