Super Mario 3D Land, Link Between Worlds and Ultimate NES Remix Nintendo Selects now available

Three new Nintendo Selects games have been released for the Nintendo 3DS in the North American region.

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PhoenixUp1154d ago

You’re saying it took Super Mario 3D Land 6+ years to finally go on discount?

I swear you don’t even see Sony or Microsoft supporting Greatest Hits and Platinum Hits respectively and most first party games get officially discounted a lot sooner on their platforms

Majin-vegeta1154d ago

Honestly if you want a game and they're usually to high priced.I recommend going to Reddit after a week or so and you can find for good deals.Hell I saw people selling DBFZ and Monster Hunter after a week for $50

Critic4l_Strik31153d ago

There's always ebay, craigslist, facebook marketplace and many sale apps (offerUp is my favorite) to buy discounted games.

_-EDMIX-_1152d ago


Thats why I always buy used regarding Nintendo games if its already released. Their prices are just ridiculous. Business wise, I don't even disagree with it lol they clearly know their worth and will keep games at full price for YEARS. They basically have a install base all to themselves with very little competition, so I can see how that would really make sense.

Tross1151d ago

That's great news, but it took them long enough.