Purely Pissed: Jason Isn't Happy With Sony's Silly Censorship

Pure PlayStation: Jason is most lovely guy in the world. His mild-mannered reporting is always a joy to read, and his equally mild and soothing voice is always a joy to hear in his video reviews. Today he’s different. He’s pissed. Bigly.

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Brian7655492294d ago

I guess they dont want to promote drinking, thats understandable, but its ok to release games that allow you to kill people.

LiamKreptic294d ago

I’m confused...why is drinking bad? Are Americans in control of Sony now?

StormSnooper294d ago

Let me use the question posed by the caster:

Q: “Is there really someone dumb enough to play the game and think drinking and driving is a good idea”

LiamKreptic294d ago

Ah the good ole drinking and driving argument! Well if the parents would learn to actually parent then that wouldn’t be an issue. And censorship of any kind is bad. I don’t care what it is unless it’s child porn. Otherwise censorship is bad.

nucky64294d ago

liam, you DO realize there is as much alcohol consumption in US as anywhere else - WTH are you talking about?

LiamKreptic294d ago


That’s actually false. Here’s some stats and See we don’t consume as much as other countries BUT we do binge a lot more than other countries. See in the US we view alcohol as this thing that’s evil or deadly while Europe views it as a part of life in moderation. Don’t get me wrong, UK has a bad binge drinking problem as well, but I feel like this censorship is due to American views of alcohol. Censorship is wrong. I will always fight censorship. Period.

ThanatosDMC294d ago

Drinking is bad... mmmkay?

Razzer294d ago

Sony isn't the only platform available. Hell....release it on PC. Sony is free to allow or disallow about game on their system for any reason. That isn't censorship. That is their right.

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rainslacker294d ago

The particular policy in question here actually says something along the lines of "drinking alcohol can not be promoted in a way that allows for positive outcomes." This has to be in direct relation to the alcohol somehow makes you better. So, you can do it where you drink alcohol and you can still pick up a girl at a bar because you're drunk, as the picking up a girl is secondary to the alcohol. Just an example, because I'm sure there are better ways to describe it.

In this case, the drinking was about akin to Popeye eating Spinach....which is against policy. Explicit drug use of known narcotics is also against policy. Made up one's are OK though, so long as it's not some kind of obvious derivative of a real life drug. The ESRB is actually kind of hard on games which have power ups through drug use, and can push a game into AO territory depending on the other content...which is why such drug use is not seen that often.

Seraphim294d ago

what drug use? The only thing I can think of is Max Payne popping oxycodone. Well, at least the litho from MP3 CE says it's Oxycodone Lol.

My problem I guess is that these games are rated "M" for mature. Any logical adult, or even teenager 17-18+ knows better. Or at least if they had parents who were actually parenting... However, in this case, Drunken Bar Fighting is just a flat out bad idea imo. Especially but not limited to todays climate. Furthermore, GTA punished you for drinking too much [ie getting Drunk] where the mechanics of driving made you drive erratically and if you were sober left you nauseous, if you were drunk they likely left you puking.

opinionated294d ago

But it is compared to Popeye eating spinach. It’s called alco-balls. Your pain threshold does get higher, you get less tensed up, less fear of bodily harm or consequences. It’s a double edged sword. That’s why drunk people are so stupid, it’s a fact lol.

fr0sty294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Nathan Drake is drugged with hallucinogens in Uncharted 3 (they actually do a really good job of simulating what it actually looks like). They just don't specify exactly what it is. Same with the GTA games where you can eat random pills or go get drunk at a bar... but the moment you get behind the wheel you magically sober up.

rainslacker294d ago

It's not that drug use is prohibited, it's that such use can't have beneficial gain. Uc3 for instance was against his will, and while it had gameplay elements, I wouldn't say it was beneficial. Can't speak to max Payne, and mass effect just called them med packs didn't They?

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AspiringProGenji294d ago

First you need to understand this context before comparing it to another totally different context, but it is okaybto be ignorant these days

AnubisG294d ago

In today's world, everyone is pissed about something.

SolidGamerX294d ago (Edited 294d ago )

Its mostly artificial.

tehpees3294d ago

Not true. The complainers have always walked among us. They just found the internet to force their negativity down everybody else's throats.

gamer7804294d ago

Wait til you own a Nintendo title, they censor everything.

Goldby294d ago

Wait til you own a ******** title they ****** everything

Enjoigamin294d ago

im getting drunk in game and in real life as this very moment...SoT beta

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