The Gamers Pub: Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway Review

The Gamers Pub writes: "No Bullshit, Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway is a great game except for one major flaw. It should have came out last year when the games many, minor flaws would have been one that most gamers would have overlooked and praise what the game does right.

It's obvious that the developers took the time to craft beautiful cut scenes with a truly cinematic score. It's a shame that these aspects are plagued by a lazy effort to apply last generation, low resolution textures to many of the in game models. While this may not bother some gamers, it can be distracting enough to get in the way of becoming absorbed in the lovingly crafted World War II atmosphere. Make no mistake, in many scenes, the attention to detail is quite impressive, even if it is ultimately crippled by a seemingly half-assed approach."

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