McFarlane Toys Reveals New Call Of Duty Figures

With Toy Fair coming up, McFarlane Toys has revealed a new line of figures based on Call of Duty.

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strayanalog242d ago

Looks pretty stellar, but until the figures have a button that plays loud-mouth obscenities in a eight-year-old's voice, tells you how they slept with your mother, or randomly moans/grunts or plays fuzzy radio music then it's not fully realistic.‎

Garethvk242d ago

You also need to add a spawn camping figure and one who seems to take unlimited damage, one who can shoot around corners and see through buildings, and of course, one who can call in kill streaks of a higher level seconds into the round.

Garethvk241d ago

Oh and the new trend of televangelists telling us we are all going to help. Had a couple matches like that recently.

JoshFullSyncGaming242d ago

Seems CoD are looking to fill the void left by Action Man.

Garethvk242d ago

Action Man: A true blast from the past.

Garethvk241d ago

I wonder if a television series might be a better option than movies.

JoshFullSyncGaming240d ago

Would certainly be popular amongst the kids.

Garethvk240d ago

The other issue is the rating. Content would call for an R rating but box office says Pg-13 is better as teens can see it easier. So do you water down the base material or stay true and make it gritty and violent?

Garethvk241d ago

How would a Lootbox figure work? Keep paying for costume updates?