Looking back at 10 years of… Lost Odyssey

Carlos writes "This time on TheXboxHub’s looking back at 10 years of series, we take a look at Lost Odyssey - the JRPG adventure that still has players craving for more all these years later."

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PhoenixUp342d ago

It’d be nice if Mistwalker returned to making console games again

Godmars290342d ago

They are, if only a port of their iOS title.

342d ago
TheEnigma313342d ago

Definitely the best RPG on the xbox brand.

ULTp0ltergeist342d ago

Chill, that's KOTOR's place.

lelo2play342d ago

It's a pity Microsoft didn't continue investing in JRPG, particularly in Mistwalker. Such a wasted opportunity...

neil363342d ago

This and Blue Dragon were pretty damn great. Would love another.

Lon3wolf342d ago

The 360 did have some great JRPG's.

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