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Polygon: "This new remake marks the third time I’ve revisited Secret of Mana in the past year: First with the Japanese release of Seiken Densetsu Collection for Switch, and then again with the 16-bit game’s inclusion on Nintendo’s Super NES Classic Edition mini-console. The first two experiences reminded me what extraordinary alchemy Squaresoft achieved with Secret of Mana. It was one of those rarities whose inventive charm superseded its many flaws. I suppose, in a sense, the remake reinforces that revelation. Now I’ve played Secret of Mana without its charm, so that only the flaws shine through, and it’s even easier to appreciate what the original game accomplished."

Knushwood Butt1927d ago

I remember playing my first, and last, Mana game on GBA

I was surprised to find it was tedious beyond belief, and I never finished it.

1927d ago
Servbot411927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

So many little QoL things they could have done, like the spell wheel not pausing the game and limited enemies on screen, along with adding online multiplayer... but they decide to muddy up the graphics and soundtrack and toss in voice acting. Geniuses over there at Squeenix I tell ya.

Cobra9511927d ago

He didn't mention the horrid voice acting. That totally turned me off when I watched a gameplay video recently. I guess if I want to relive it, I'll replay the original. This remake can only serve to ruin great old memories.