GameStyle Review: Warriors Orochi 2

GameStyle writes: "Why? Just why are these games getting released? Warriors Orochi may be big over in its homeland of Japan, but we cant imagine it selling ten copies over here. Yet here we are with the sequel to the Dynasty Warriors/Samurai Warriors crossover, a sequel nobody wanted, but was pretty much inevitable. We could just copy and paste the text from the last game and nobody would be any the wiser, but alas we wont do that, instead well chop up what Koei have served us and try our hardest to get at least a little bit of enjoyment from this hack and slash title.

We'd love to visit the studio that makes this series because it'd certainly be an interesting experience. To see talented people wasted on something that does nothing to further the world of gaming. Perhaps even obtain an interview with a designer forced to create this using an archaic engine that wouldn't seem out of place on the N64. And therein lies what could be the biggest mistake with Warriors Orochi 2. Even the now tradition action packed cut scene at the start is starting to show its age. What was originally used to showcase the gameplay now looks like it should actually be playable rather than a simple introduction to the action lying within."

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eat that koei....losers.