Techtree: ASUS 9800GT Review

Techtree writes: "Nvidia's 9800GT is still chugging along trying to hold its ground against ATI's HD4850. Right now the market is so saturated with graphics cards, it's like if you increase your budget by even a grand, you still have a choice of a better card. The pricing is really aggressive, with both Nvidia and ATI trying desperately to entice the customer with their offerings.

Also, manufacturers of graphics cards are trying their best to give different bundle combinations in order to keep the price and value balanced.

Today we have the EN9800GT HTDI/512M/A from ASUS, which is basically a 9800GT with the Glaciator heat sink. In spite of the big fancy cooler, ASUS decided to ship their card with the stock frequencies, which is a little odd."

+Good cooler
+3-way SLI support
+Hybrid Power,
+PhysX and CUDA support

-O.C performance is not that stellar
-Takes two slots

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