Nicalis is making me want to buy physical Nintendo Switch games

App Trigger: "Physical releases just haven't been the same sans instruction manuals, but Nicalis' tangible nostalgia makes their editions worth a trip to the store."

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Fist4achin335d ago

This will show a bit of my age, but physical reigns supreme IMO. Used to buy cassettes, CDs, records and you not only got the music, but also cover art work, extra pictures, and sometimes messages to the fans on the inserts. Now with everything digital, those personal touches for the most part gone. Yeah digital doesn't bog you down if you have limited space, but there was something special to removing the plastic and looking through the inserts and holding the media.

I will continue to game, but I don't care for all digital.

Gemmol334d ago

All digital baby, like switching games with ease, not worrying where the case or the game at

_-EDMIX-_334d ago

Good luck with that setup

all I've seen with digital is a whole bunch of shortcuts and workarounds. An endless amount of installing or reinstalling we're getting New Media with the possibility of your device breaking and you having to redownload a whole series of games.

Doesn't sound like fun to me. I literally only download games if they're on sale or if there a game that doesn't take up that much space that I likely don't care that much about, so all of the major releases I get physical.

Venox2008334d ago

I agree.. you should chevk out physical release on Switch of The end is even has a physical main character inside the case..good game as well

_-EDMIX-_334d ago

100% absolutely agreed.

Because of the limited storage space I just have no reason to download a lot of switch games in fact I believe I'm only going to download Animal Crossing.

Everything else I'm just going to purchase with physical media. I mean at least with Animal Crossing I'm going to be playing it daily so I don't really care about having it installed but I'm going to limit what I have installed by maybe two games. The rest I'm going full physical.

Gemmol329d ago

everything downloads fast on my Switch even before I had 1 gig speeds, and the switch do not install as much as my ps4, so I have none of that to worry......if you actually seen how easy it is to archive a game, and download the game whenever i need it, you will realize its not a big deal, you can play another game while waiting 30 mins or less

and if you have a big card like me 128 gig you can fit nba 2k18, wwe 2k18, xenoblade 2 and 12 other games, inculding zelda, mario kart, and many others, not counting small indie games.....

so switching between 14 games at any time is the best feeling in the world

and best part my internal memory is free with no games on it and memory card drop prices every year......

3 years ago 128gb card was 200 to 250.......3 years later it is 30 to 45..........just now the 200gb card will move down to the 128gb card.......I have no problems waiting and archiving what I do not play.....maybe if my internet was slow i would be worried, but nope I will be fine

Copat334d ago

I love my physical copy of Wonder Boy! Nicalis did a great job. I really miss physical copies like this... even if more games today had the printed instruction manuals I'd be happy. There's just something special about opening a new game and seeing everything together!