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Quote from article: Controllers, without their help you and I would be snap-kicking the TV to make the pixels move (we've tried it that way too, it sucks). We should therefore take time out to recognise the importance of the humble controller and the truly sacred, symbiotic bond we share with it.

But as we pause to commemorate and appreciate these essential components of our beloved hobby, lest we forget the occasional shitely designed imposter that seemed like a brilliant idea at the time, but ultimately was just an exercise in idiocy. Also, as we recant upon the most accursed designs, let's all point and laugh at the weird arse ones – just 'cause they's a goofy lookin'…

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bouncybullet3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

WTF was my exact reaction to seeing that "controller" for the first time at the store.

Harry1903748d ago

suck with the guitars. There are too many buttons for me.

Imallvol73748d ago

i dont like the way that article is set up. i don't know what anything they are talking about looks like!

IAm1Bearcat3747d ago

"While it’s a touch awkward to wrap your hands around, it’s fun to chase the family cat with."

LOL, thanks, you owe me a new keyboard since my crrent one now is smothered in cocoa puffs from my laughter

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