Will The PS5 And Next Xbox Be Cloud Powered?


Earlier, I discussed whether or not the PS5 and next Xbox would be the last physical consoles. I wound up concluding that physical consoles are inevitably going to go extinct in an increasingly cloud-centric environment. The big question remaining is just when this will happen. If we’re talking about consoles (or their future equivalents) 2025 onwards, cloud-based solutions are almost inevitable. But more interesting—and relevant here—is whether the ninth-gen platforms will themselves be cloud-based or augmented in some way with cloud-based resources and this question becomes even more relevant after a well known developer had this to say about the PS5 and the next Xbox. Whether or not this happens depends entirely on how fast telecom infrastructure can transform to accommodate a cloud-based future.

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NXFather249d ago

Well I actually think waiting on the rest of the world will come in to play after 9th gen unless there is some divine transformation of earth of course.

Retroman248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

if ps5 be CLOUD base would not be able to afford 100mb service. barley able afford 12mb @ 65.00 a month in Seattle. everything is HIGH here. if im paying 65.00 for 12mb 100mb must be 250-300 a month?? cost of living in seattle is high. i'm hoping SONY do not go cloud base route.

ElementX248d ago

I pay $35 for fiber 50mb in Minneapolis

248d ago
Smokingunz248d ago

Well either u step your game up by getting a better job, moving out stop gaming lol there's also Nintendo ergo offered free online and they aren't too big on online. Gaming even though more mainstream is starting to become boring and overrated. Mabye it's a nostalgia thing, fear of moving on or I'm just getting too old or Mabye all the above lol well see what happens. I don't think consoles will be going anywhere no time soon because u need a base, a source to play it from. I think the best direction is like the SWITCH and be, u can make a powerful console in handheld form and take it with send out dock it to the tv.

Eidolon248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Always online, dependent on latency, variant. Fuck that. And what's it going to be running on? A device. A device that can be shrunk down an give us a better experience, considering the corners cut to bring us the level of detail that need to be streamed to our 4K TVs. We will not have cloud based only generation consoles for a loooooooong time. Until we hit the 1ms consistent and perfectly networked world.

PiNkFaIrYbOi248d ago

Nope, not going to happen. Well at least not with Sony at least who knows with Xbox.

marquisray248d ago

I hope so tired of having these hard disk games sitting around the house because I can't get what I paid for them

Skankinruby248d ago

You get scolded for those comments here, no matter how much sense it makes. Kids on this site are so attached to their antique disc technology that they get their feelings hurt and down vote you for pointing out the obvious

sizeofyou248d ago

It's the limitation of ownership with digital that I have. If I could buy it, play it, finish it, pass it on to someone with less disposable income or trade back the license for a few bucks to the digital store in return for a new title, I'd be all for it...

CorndogBurglar248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

No. He gets scolded because his reasoning is non-sensical.

He said he gets tired of having physical discs sitting around the house because he can't get what he paid for them. Well how is digital going to get him what he paid for? You can't sell your digital games.

And even with physical games, you won't be able to sell your used games for what you paid for them anyway. They are USED. Unless you bought it used, then sell it for the same price online. But that obviously isn't what he's talking about.

Also, no one is forcing him to buy physical right now. He can very easily buy his games digitally if he doesn't want the physical discs. Buying digital is already a thing. Nothing is stopping him currently from doing exactly what he's saying he wants.

And besides, who doesn't have a shelf or drawer or something where they keep their games? He makes it sound like he's got game discs just laying all over the place.

NXFather247d ago

Boy everybody is older than you mentally and physically.

Eidolon248d ago (Edited 248d ago )

Wow. Either a good troll, or a complete moron.

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The story is too old to be commented.