Fortnite: Battle Royale vs PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds – Which one should you choose?

Which battle royale will you survive in?

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darthv72250d ago

Play both as they are both fun to play.

Septic250d ago


Fortnite is way more polished on console. On PC, for me it's PubG.

Veneno250d ago

Both wrong . you must choose only one and defend it at all costs and you must find fault and manipulate what you can for the other. You should know that already.

mcstorm250d ago

Haha I love it when people put two games against each other and create hate. Play the games you enjoy and let others do the same that's my thinking both look fun games but two games I'm skipping as I have a big backlog of games as it is.

ocelot07250d ago

Even though I enjoy PUBG. I have to say Fortnite due to it being free and very well optimized on both console and PC.


Fortnite is well optimized and free, PUBG is slowly getting better optimized (On Console) as it closes in on V1.0 and cost $30. For me it would have to be PUBG, It's more intense and realistic which I personally like better.

Kribwalker250d ago

i like pubg more too. Fortnite getting 60fps on console soon will be pretty sweet, but i like the intensity of PUBG

WilliamSheridan250d ago

I looked Fortnites single player experience. PvE was great. The PUBG knock off is good but lacks the tension.

PUBG wins for battle arena. Way more intense.

neocores8055250d ago

Lacks Tension??? LOL WHAT... If you thin kthat then you obvi not playing fortnite right

Septic250d ago

Please share with us the 'right' way to play Fortnite so we can feel the tension.


It's frantic and intense, but not borderline im-about-to-have-a-panic-attac k kind of intense like PUBG is.

WilliamSheridan250d ago (Edited 250d ago )

PUBG has a gritty real world fear of being spotted. I'm worried about footsteps, gun shots etc...

I love Fortnite but it feels like I'm playing a cartoon, therefore I have no real connection to living or dying

hit17388250d ago

I feel the tension in both when It gets to the top 5. But pubg is a horrible experience on Xbox so it destroys some of the tension. Love the setting in pubg, but for now fortnite is my go to battle royal game.

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Elda250d ago

Fortnite is ok,tried PUBG on PC & I didn't like it.

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