Why Home Should Not Be Shown At Game Shows

Kotaku's Luke Plunkett:

Home should not be shown at trade shows. Absolutely not. Not under any circumstances. Why? Because it is boring. Home is not a game. It's not even a user interface. It's a...thing. Once Sony get around to deciding what that actually is will probably be the time they decide to release it, but until then - and especially in the state it was in for my TGS demonstration - it should be kept as far from prying eyes (and hands) as possible.

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sonarus3656d ago

I guess its okay for microsoft to show New Xbox Experience but its not okay for sony to show home:(

BulletToothtony3656d ago

98% of ps3 owners are really looking forward to home and me as a beta tester can tell you that as gamers this is a great app.

It's great to socialize and after hanging out you can easily jump into games.. I don't see why kotaku has a hard time seeing this.

Imo they're just blinded by fanboyism and they really can't see anything good in the ps3.

NXE makes perfect sense to them... but home... hmm they just don't get it.. they really don't deserve a "gaming" website..

morganfell3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

I have had a blast in Home and have met more people through that who I wound up gaming with than through gaming alone and that includes Live.

Sony fans need to start putting serious pressure on Sony to cut Kotaku off from any inside looks, betas, previews or anything that would gain them a single web hit.

The gaming GOD3656d ago

Normally I wouldn't agree with that.

But in this case, it is WELL warranted. With Kotaku, when MS is right, they're RIGHT and when their wrong, it's "but it's ok"

With Sony on the other hand, when they're right, they're wrong. And when they're wrong, they're WROOOOOOOONGGG!

Kotaku's fanboyism is hitting very high levels here. Sony really should start cutting them off like they've started doing to gamespot.

morganfell3655d ago


Normally I wouldn't approve my stance there either. But enough is enough. If Kotaku openly acknowledged their position it would be slightly different. Instead they still masquerade as a somewhat neutral site...but they are far from that in reality.

It is absurd and as a paying Sony supporter, buying their products and investing in their vision I dislike seeing a company in which I am investing make poor business decisions. And by poor decisions I mean allowing Kotaku any favors when they have shown themselves to be blatantly anti-Sony.

Genesis53655d ago

Well I guess it's boring to somebody who hates it. Personally I like it and don't find it boring at all. Nobody is forcing this individual to watch it. If you don't like it leave.

JokesOnYou3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

I actually read the whole article and despite Kotaku's obvious flare for laughs (I love that slapstick humor of theirs, even when they used to bash RROD) but he does make a good point; which is why show off Home at a gaming show when basicly its no more than a "empty virtual sony booth"= he said there were NO service's plazas, NO apartments, *No games available to play* (why not have at least 1 or 2 small arcade games?) and "There was, literally, nothing to do."

hmmm, seems to me he has a legit arguement, but of course most of you just read the title and of course it breaks your heart since you don't like seeing anything you don't agree with about your beloved console. Also I think its likely to assume the reason why he didn't make the same statements about NXE is because micro has given details and showed off the new xbox experience so people/media understand what it is and how its going to work, for the most part its in a finished state other than a few features and small refinements NXE is ready which is why almost every site has details listed about the NXE an what you can expect, it has a released this isn't really a criticism of the quality of Home but a criticism of its current status...if you get my point.


Edit: yes Gaming God, you're right Iam pro 360.....but I still like to see you make a valid counter arguement to my "points". Also if Iam pro 360, then what does that make all the "we hate Kotaku" comments/members of this site....oh that makes their opinions more accurate, riiiight. I won't apologize for NOT blindly following the sony crowd. lmfao. more JOY

The gaming GOD3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Of course you'd see his "points" Jokes on You. You're Pro 360 and Anti PS3.

So it's typical you'd see the "points" in his words

Edit- Ok, I'll make this real simple for you Joy, show me one positive thing they've said about the ps3. Then compare that to how much they show the 360 in a positive light. It has nothing to do with "we hate Kotaku". It's about blatant bias.

For your "arguments", I don't see how all that stuff was turned off when most of that stuff is available in the actual beta and has been for awhile. No other website spoke of things being just "shut off" like they are.

Besides, you don't have to "apologize" for not "blindly" following the Sony crowd as you say. After all you take great pride if blindly following MS.

And before we go somewhere beyond, I have the PS3 360 and Wii. Do you?

morganfell3655d ago

Same here tgG, I have all three. Of course this weekend I get shafted when my 4th 360 RROD'ed on me. It's running again but now the USB ports won't charge the controllers or the headset. Great. A HALO 360 dying.

thewhoopimen3655d ago

Wow...kotaku doesn't let up on the bullsh1t they keep trying spewing out of their mouths. It's getting to the point where it's openly a hatefest. I thought fanbois were bad. A professional publication getting into the mess? dirty.

BrunoM3655d ago

these site is ... just plain stupid ...

why do they always do these with playstation things .. ??

but any who i like HOME and in the end thats what matters what i (and other gamers) think about it and not stupid websites.!

Snukadaman_3655d ago

Lets be honest here...kotaku skews both sides of this console war...its hilarious when i see cry babies saying kotaku is biased..thats your opinion..but if they were so biased I think we would not be hearing stories about rrod or even other stories like this...

sony does have history with kotaku anyways..maybe thats the cause of this "bias" you crybabies talk about.

Jake the Muss3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Addressing your points then, JOY.

Yes, it does sound like there was nothing to do, I can certainly see that and won't question it. Except... watching a trailer of a upcoming game at TGS entails nothing to do as well. Showing off White Knight Chronicles in unplayable form at TGS means what then - should we not showcase any game because there was nothing for the observer to do? Kotaku's logic is being applied selectively in this circumstance.

Of course, Home was playable and trailers aren't - but both clearly indicate development status and the purpose of showing titles before final release is to educate the public of existence/features and gain feedback, and I challenge you to prove otherwise. As such, I argue simply stating that "Home Should Not Be Shown At Game Shows" is in no way educational or helpful feedback to the development of the title, only helpful in creating sensational titles to gain hits.

I am not interested in bringing NXE into a Playstation discussion. More, I am interested in Luke's closing comment: "...just wasted 15 minutes wandering around an empty virtual PS3 booth when they could have been wandering around the real PS3 booth doing stuff..."

I was under the impression that Home was a 'social network' type of development, not created for the sole purpose of showing virtual game show expos. Kotaku misses the point of Home, which they do actually admit to, but go onto conclude with the above quote. This makes little sense - they are selectively attacking Home for something they know it isn't. And what it isn't, is a substitute for attendees to TGS to do the very things they are meant to be doing. The purpose of showing Home at TGS was showing *one* feature of what Home *could* do - to me, this is not enough justification for the proclamation of "Well then, it shouldn't be shown at all".

However, each to their own opinion; and the "Sony Crowd" are as much entitled to their opinion as you are to yours JOY, particularly in a PS3 article.

Bangladesh3655d ago

Home is creepy. The best way to make sure that you don't get laid, is to tell a non-gamer what Home is.

solidjun53655d ago show an article that's 3 years old and it proves what again? yea...right. usual, your bias shows straight your fanboy teeth...or fingers. Regardless, you're a BOT! Jake the Buss addressed your "arguments".

Tarasque3655d ago

Well even if you fanboys want to admit it, home is boring there is nothing to do. If i want to stand around talking to friends i will do it in the real world. If i want to go out of my way to meet new people i will do it in the real world.

JokesOnYou3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

"Addressing your points then, JOY."

"Yes, it does sound like there was nothing to do, I can certainly see that and won't question it. Except... watching a trailer of a upcoming game at TGS entails nothing to do as well. Showing off White Knight Chronicles in unplayable form at TGS means what then - should we not showcase any game because there was nothing for the observer to do? Kotaku's logic is being applied selectively in this circumstance." -Jake the Muss

-Well you only further prove my point..."watching a trailer of a upcoming game" or "Showing off White Knight Chronicles in unplayable form at TGS" IS in fact something to do or in other words you are observing the *GAME in an *acceptable status* because you get to see the gameplay or a least a trailer that gives you a taste of what the game will be like, thats pretty standard for games. In the case of Home which is suppose to be a social entertainment hub/IU and more it seems all they did was show off a virtual sony booth, which even you admit "Yes, it does sound like there was nothing to do" so I agree with Kotaku that if you're going to promote HOME as this big social community with all sorts of features, apartments, games, etc etc then why would you show something thats basicly empty, again why not show off at least a small virtual sony booth with a limited amount of interactivity (games/people/a soda machine or something) just screams either "we're not close to being ready" or "we're not sure what to show off at this point", which can give the impression they have lack of direction when it comes to Home, now maybe they do know exactly what they want to do with Home but in either case I think it would be far better to wait until they have "something to do" before they show it off.


callahan093655d ago

I agree with you BulletToothTony. I'm in the Home beta, and until I got into the Beta I'd never made any "friends" on my PS3. I mean, I had played Warhawk online and added some good players to my friends list and all, but I hadn't actually struck up conversation and become friendly with anyone. The very first time I launched Home I met a nice dude and we played a game of pool & a game of chess while chatting a bit, then launched into a game of Hot Shots Golf. It was a pleasant experience. I just wish Home loaded a bit faster, and they need to fix some game launching glitches, and I wish there was a lot (A LOT) more content.

The Makr3655d ago

Home - Boredome Evolved.

Home - It pwns. Just ask Dorothy.

Home - Horny Old Men Enjoy!

Home - It's what's for Dinner!

Home - It's not Second Life! Really!

Home - Better than NXE! Really!

Home - More fun than Dental work!

Home - Out early next century!

Home - If you try hard enough, you will like it!

Home - Join our society of pubescent societal castoffs!

The above are just suggestions and the final version may or may not resemble the above. ;-)

Jake the Muss3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

Accepting that there appeared to be little to do in Home at TGS does not further reinforce your points, JOY, only shows that I am not a blind fanboy, unlike many on N4G. Observing a trailer does not indicate the game is in 'acceptable status' - often the opposite, developers will showcase the title when it is not ready to be playable... except Home isn't a game, which would make the showing of a trailer, a little confusing.

My point was that Kotaku's proclamation: "Home should not be shown at trade shows. Absolutely not. Not under any circumstances" was not warranted in this case, and I think I justified myself sufficiently. If Kotaku does not know what the point of Home is, then they are not justified to selectively attack it for something they know it isn't - it was displayed to showcase *one* feature that Home *could* potentially do. This does not justify the banning of Home from every game show, which is what Kotaku's very first line implied. You did not address my point of precisely why titles are shown before release, in which Kotaku brought no helpful feedback other than hits to their site.

You do have a potential point of: "we're not sure what to show off at this point", and I agree perhaps this was the case. But again, this does NOT warrant banning Home from every game show from now on - remember, the primary 'social aspect' of Home has been on display for a year now in the form of the Beta. I think that not showing Home at all at TGS would have raised further negative press than the current situation, and I think most people would be hard pressed to disagree.

However, you have your justifications and I have mine, so perhaps it is best that we just agree to disagree.

pixelsword3655d ago

Solution: never, ever go to their site.

Stubacca3655d ago

..but as a gamer, I like to hear about the huge advances and capabilities for my console. Doesn't everyone?

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morganfell3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Kotaku bashing Sony? Gasp? Surprise? So did they publish an article stating that the new 360 interface shouldn't be shown at game shows? After all the Home interface has an actual game employment - meeting rooms that will be used for pre-game strategies. I am running the beta and that isn't there yet but it is coming.

So how is something that has actual game implementation not worthy of being shown? When it is from Sony and the trash opinion comes from Kotaku. Go ahead you piece of crap Crecente. You and your buddy Brian Asscrack keep digging that grave. Kotaku is dropping from relativity like a dead duck.


Look at bloodysinner/bloodmask/sinned approving this article!

Shame on you bloodmask for supporting biased journalism!

eric1003655d ago

seriously that website should be perma banned at n4g

tocrazed4you3656d ago

microsoft to demonstrate the new xbox dashboard? that is an interface and a lot more boring than home

Crazywhitie3655d ago

are you kidding me.. are you even in the Home Beta.. There nothing to do.. I think i messed around in home for about 1hr total and that counting time to Download everything... There is nothing that makes me go Wow this home is Something.. I'll stick to the old Dashboard if this is what they are trying to do.. It take forever to run around... This I don't know because the only game room I could find was uncharted but Do you have to go to game rooms to join partys to play games?? As of Right now Home is a Big Waste of Time.. not sure anybody know the plans of it which is scary... NXE we've seen alot of it... not to say it will be better but at launch it will Own Home..

thewhoopimen3655d ago

wow, where do you find all that sh1t to pull out of our ass? You think you have to run around rooms just to get from one side to the other? In that regard, home is exactly like the new xbox dash. You pull up a shortcut menu... Are you asking us how to invite friends? Do you literally think you have to go into a room to get a game invite? You're a piece of work. seriously.

ThanatosDMC3655d ago

It's coming from someone who didnt get the beta.

The gaming GOD3656d ago

They had no gripes about MS and their NXE with is pretty much a dolled up xbox live. Yet HOME which is an entirely new social interface they talk crap about.

I wonder, just how much is microsoft paying them

ThanatosDMC3655d ago

Well, if they paid $50M for a useless super late DLC (GTA4)... then who knows how much they pay kotaku.

Tarasque3655d ago

There is nothing wrong with something entirely new, but when it sux you have a problem understand.

pwnsause3656d ago

Kotaku. nuff said. You guys know after Kotaku Dug up Sony's Secret about the Unveiling of Home Back in GDC 07, they almost got Banned from going to Sony Playstation shows for life. Thats why they are like this to this day against sony.

The gaming GOD3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

But come on man, when does it end?

They tried to pass off crappy socom confrontation pics as new ones. Then when someone posted the REAL pics, they said "oh sony gave us bad pics". Which is total bs. Why would THEY be the ONLY ones with bad pics when EVERY OTHER website had the proper ones?

They tried to nitpick at MGS4 just because it wasn't on the 360.

They tried to say Kojima was a whiner for being critical of American medias way of twisting things (which is true)

Now this favoritism of NXE agaisnt HOME.

Sony should keep these guys away from EVERYTHING Sony related. Let every other site and their employees have sneak peeks and leave Kotaku out in the cold

I mean damn man, what did Sony do for Kotaku to hate them so much?

pwnsause3655d ago

"But come on man, when does it end?"

By Making Kotaku Explode by spamming the hell out of them, thats how. thats how Anon does it, and we should too.