The 20 most anticipated video games for the 2008 Christmas shopping season

The holiday season is approaching quickly: If you have children or if you are an avid gamer yourself then you know there are tons of video games you could buy. This Christmas season is jam-packed with a few very interesting titles and sequels to some of the most popular games already on the market for both the PC and console game systems.

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tocrazed4you3683d ago

though i hope it isn't ranked by the numbers they put there because they are really off if that is true.

LightningPS3PS33683d ago

XBOX 360's games are ranked higher than PS3's.

Gear of War 2 and Fable 2 are ahead of Resistance 2 and Little Big Planet.

Also, where's Valkyria Chronicles? I though the demo was good. Why are people overlooking that game?