Final Fantasy XV’s Special Valentine’s Day Pictures are Sweet, Cute, and Hilarious

Noctis leaves the bros behind to spend some quality time with Luna, Prompto and Cidney elope on her truck, while Gladio and Cor are just funny.

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FallenAngel1984299d ago

That thumbnail almost has me tearing up inside for spoiler reasons

ryuuzakibjorn298d ago

Was waiting for the PC version, cheers for the spoiler. You do realize what you said was a spoiler in itself right? Jerk.

FallenAngel1984297d ago

Play the game to find out why jerk

Lord_Sloth297d ago

He said he was waiting for the PC version. He may not even have a console so....Ya know...

FallenAngel1984297d ago

I know 😑

he can play the PC version when it comes out

Jon_Targaryen298d ago

People still play this POS game?

TheDriz298d ago (Edited 298d ago )

Nope all the articles and buzz are fake news. Nobody liked the game and all the haters won.

Jon_Targaryen297d ago

I wouldnt call my self a "hater". Just disappointed that they released such a empty game that didnt know if it wanted to fantasy or a Texas desert camping simulator.

TheDriz297d ago

I’m not trying to be mean but you are a hater are you not? If you don’t like the game then why are you on this article? To spread hate. It’s ok if you don’t like the game but move on and let others enjoy. I don’t particularly think there is anything good about game of thrones but I don’t spend my time even thinking about it and I let others enjoy it without being a hater.